MechWarrior Online

PUBLISHER: Piranha Games | DEVELOPER: Piranha G. | GENRE: Shooter
THEME: Sci-Fi | PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

MechWarrior Online is the free-to-play installment in the popular MechWarrior franchise, offering all the quality that the series is known for. Piranha Games created exciting Mech combat battles while incorporating the rules from the Battletech Universe.

Players will customize their mechs with several types of upgrades and weapons, but they’ll also be capable of altering the cosmetic appearance in the MechLab, providing a unique look to their war machines or their corporation. Being exclusively developed for the PC, gameplay is studied to fit with the control system of this platform, providing veteran players with a simulation control while still offering easier configurations for newer players. The 3D HUD system places you in the center of the battle, with the first-person view and detailed cockpit providing an immersive view of the battlefield. Players will be able to use their mechs to specialize in a particular role, from Scouts to Commander, encouraging team-based gameplay.

MechWarrior Online is a mech combat game that focuses more on simulation, while Hawken is more of an explosive action game.

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