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The Cycle info PUBLISHER: Skybound Games| DEVELOPER: NMC Studios
GENRE: Battle Royale, Racing | THEME: Sci-Fi
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Shutdown September 2019

The Cycle overview

notmycar is one of the rare takes on vehicular Battle Royale games that truly works. This game places you on the seat of one of several armored vehicles as you drop into a huge island with other players.

It's a matter of urgently collecting the best weapons, power-ups and mods for your vehicle, as your rivals are doing the exact same. Choose the best mounted weapons and the top armor before facing your opponents. Shooting while driving isn't an easy thing to do but practice makes perfect and soon you will be racing at breakneck speeds while taking down the other cars. The last car standing wins.

notmycar is a beautiful and fast-paced Battle Royale game that is also exciting to play if you just want to race through the stunning environment.

The Cycle gameplay video

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