Peria Chronicles

Peria Chronicles

PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Canceled August 2019

Previously known as Project NT, Peria Chronicles is ThingSoft's attempt at a beautiful free anime MMORPG with combat from the school of Pokémon. This game looks like a cross between the best Naruto games (the stunning console Narutos, not the Ultimate Naruto or Naruto Saga free MMO games) and the Pokémon creature-tossing battles, but the developer added a few of its own ideas to the mix, creating a truly unique and vibrant MMO world.

Besides the exciting combat where players use the monsters they've collected against their enemies, Peria Chronicles has a massive focus on community-driven content. Perhaps not as much as EverQuest Next – which game does so far? – but it's probably the closest thing we've seen so far in the MMO department. This is a sandbox MMORPG where players are able to create landscapes and buildings as they see fit and even create massive towns, a daunting task which requires a few hundred players in a single area. There are also player-created quests which may reward the user who completes it with gold, or the creator of the quest in case the player failed to complete it.

There's also a system in place which dynamically changes the size of the cities. For example, if a city gets more and more players it will grow considerably, while a city which is becoming deserted will become smaller and smaller until it eventually disappears from the map. Combat is fairly unique, sort of a mix between hack and slash and card games, with the cards used to summon the Kirana creatures, which you can buy or capture on the field. Some Kiranas may be combined to create an even more powerful creature.

With the amazing cel-shaded anime visuals, sandbox gameplay and a major focus on user-created content, Peria Chronicles is one of the most exciting MMORPG games of the latest years.

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