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Pokémon Unite release date and guides PUBLISHER: Nintendo, Tencent | DEVELOPER: TiMi Studios
PLATFORM: Switch, Android, iOS) | STATUS: Upcoming (Late 2020)

Pokémon Unite is the new game from the popular franchise created by The Pokémon Company. This is introduced as a free-to-start game, a label that Nintendo has used before when it wants to describe free-to-play games featuring in-app purchases such as this one. This multiplayer online battle arena game is under development at TiMi Studios, the makers of the acclaimed shooter Call of Duty: Mobile.

Pokémon Unite is the long overdue Pokémon MOBA that is still going to be an appealing prospect to many fans of the anime games and shows. Any game where you get to control Pikachu, Charizard, Snorlax, and others is likely to get many attention from players who have been used to control trainers, instead of the titular Pokémon characters.

Featuring team-based 5v5 battles, matches take place in an isometric perspective. The initial map features the familiar three-lane system, as players face off against each other in a bit to level up their own Pokémon. You must cooperate with your teammates to catch wild Pokémon and earn more points than the rival team by scoring on the opponent's goal before time runs out.

The Pokémon Unite cross-platform play support allows players from Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices to play together, either cooperating or competing. Teamwork is essential and the developers are adamant that there's quite a bit of complexity beyond the simple and cheerful aspect of the game. Both veterans and casuals alike should find something to love about the matches and this new kind of Pokemon clashes.

Pokemon Unite may be quite a few years late to the MOBA party, but the appeal of the franchise has proven several times before that it is capable of resisting trends and the passing of time, and it is likely to be another hit for Nintendo and the Pokémon IP.

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