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Roller Champions release date PUBLISHER: Ubisoft | DEVELOPER: Ubisoft
GENRE: Action, Sports | THEME: Cartoon
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Closed Alpha (Upcoming PC 2020)

Roller Champions is Ubisoft's futuristic sports title inspired by the cult classic Rollerball. With fast-paced and brutal gameplay, this is a game where every second counts and throwing your opponent to the floor is almost as important as scoring a goal.

While it initially looks like a simple sports game, gameplay in Roller Champions features many layers that you quickly uncover as you skate around the oval rinks and discover techniques and strategies to gain an edge over the other athletes. Even the simple mechanic of gaining speed has a lot to be said, as you can skate up high and bend your knees when going downhill, picking up speed in a technique called pumping. The grapple is another strategy to pick up speed, with one player grappling onto another and letting go to gain a significant boost.

While skating at breakneck speed, you still have to keep an eye out for the ball and use air tackles, extended tackles, and other aggressive moves to keep the rival team in check. The ball constantly switches sides and you have to make some laps around the rink before you throw it through the hoop, scoring a certain number of points according to the laps you've managed.

Roller Champions features the customization options that you can expect from a sports game, futuristic or otherwise. Helmets, outfits, wheels, and other options are available for you to unlock. Since Roller Champions is a free to play game, you can expect additional items to be purchased from the cash shop.

The 2019 open alpha gave players a nice taste of what's to come, but many changes and improvements were introduced with the important feedback from the best players. Ubisoft has stated that the Roller Champions release date is planned for 2020, for now targeting the PC platform only.

Roller Champions gameplay trailer

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