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Secret World Legends

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Secret World Legends info PUBLISHER: Funcom | DEVELOPER: Funcom
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final (June 2017)

Secret World Legends overview

Secret World Legends is the revamped version of the classic horror MMORPG The Secret World from Funcom. Released in June 2017, this free-to-play relaunch re-positions Secret World Legends as one of the most relevant MMORPGs ever released, one that dared to dive headfirst in a theme that few have tried: horror. Secret World Legends is a mature story-driven game, dubbed as a shared-world RPG by its makers. Furthermore, you can play all of the game’s 100+ hours of missions and quests for free.

You will face supernatural foes in a war between good and evil, using a wide range of weapons and superhuman abilities. Some weapons and abilities have unique specialties in combat which translate into added damage or failed attacks. A deep character customization system allows for some unique characters, with extensive gear, supernatural powers and weapon options. Combat was revamped to make it feel closer to proper action combat or a third-person shooter, but never going as far as tarnishing the original experience.

In Secret World Legends you will travel in several places inspired by real-world locations. For example, London and Seoul, New York and the dark forests of Transylvania, the scorched deserts of Egypt, and a small coastal town in New England. You can experience Secret World Legends solo or you can team up with some friends for a seamless multiplayer experience.

Secret World Legends is a joy to play, a remarkable experience that tries and succeeds in being different from other MMOs, focusing on usually overlooked things such as a great atmosphere, engaging storyline and enjoyable quests. It's occasionally flawed, which is understandable given its true age (The Secret World released in 2012), but there's hardly any direct competition.

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