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Soulworker Online info PUBLISHER: Various | DEVELOPER: Lion Games
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final (April 2018)
TERRITORIES: KR (Sega), TW (Gameflier), JP (NHN Hangame), CH (Shanda Games) / NA, EU (Gameforge)

Soulworker Online overview

Soulworker is an anime action MMORPG which takes place in the Cloudrealm, a now vacant city which only harbors the psychics and a horde of monsters. Players will learn about the fate of the city and the reason for the disappearance of all inhabitants through the course of the game, as well as possibly finding a way to reverse this catastrophe.

In Soulworker Online, gamers play as psychic teenagers who use their emotions (or “soul”) to fuel their Soul Workers of the title. A Soul Worker is a special kind of weapon which represents a different class. You can choose from a chainsaw, a canon-type weapon, dual swords, dual pistols, a greatsword or a scythe. There’s a certain degree of crafting involving weapons, with some material collected by multiple characters in one account being available to craft a more powerful weapon. Soul is gained in combat and may be used to execute a Zenith attack, a very flashy and powerful move that is performed accordingly to the weapon the character is using. Two players can also perform an even more devastating attack called Coordination.

Soul Worker is a third-person action MMORPG that can be compared to Rusty Hearts, featuring a catchy cel-shaded 3D anime art style and the use of the Havok Vision Engine should make this game visually very appealing overall. Combat occurs in stages, or mazes, with several elements that change, such as enemy difficulty and puzzles. You’ll also face some environmental hazards, such as a collapsing roof. Players will be able to hit multiple enemies with a single blow and execute impressive combos.

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