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TERA info PUBLISHER: En Masse/Gameforge | DEVELOPER: Bluehole
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

TERA overview

TERA is a classic fantasy MMO that was released with a subscription model in May 2012, turning free-to-play in Europe and North America in February 2013.

TERA was acclaimed due to its action-oriented combat, even including the option to use a console controller to get a better feel to the fights. Called True Action Combat system, this is a system that is very similar to the ones seen in action games, with the player actively engaging in combat, using attacks and spells, not just pressing a key and waiting for the cooldown. It’s a system that is often compared to the one used in the F2P MMORPG RaiderZ.

TERA (also known as The Exiled Realm of Arborea) was also praised for its highly detailed graphics and the ease of use of the auction house. Players who want to get some exclusive items and options will have to buy a membership to the TERA Club.

TERA gameplay video

TERA screenshots

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