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GENRE: Shooter | THEME: Sci-Fi
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The Cycle is a free-to-play ‘Competitive Quest Shooter' from YAGER, makers of the acclaimed Spec Ops: The Line and sci-fi action strategy game Dreadnought.

Instead of settling for tried-and-tested Battle Royale mechanics, The Cycle's planet Fortuna III is the playground for PvPvE gameplay. Solo or in a squad, the player has to complete several missions and deal with the dangerous fauna of the planet, as well as avoiding or fighting enemy prospectors. You can form a pact with other player or go alone, but the more missions that you complete, the better will be your rewards at the end. That is, if you manage to safely escape the planet in the evac ship.

The Cycle offers a remarkable degree of freedom for a first-person shooter. You are in no way restricted in your movement or actions, freely planning where to go and what to do first. You can play aggressively and sabotage the rival prospectors' plans, or you can opt for a low profile approach, completely avoiding contact and confrontation with other players. You won't be able to avoid the planet's fauna, however, as these are often attracted by your actions, such as the drills. Some missions require capturing a rare and aggressive beast, something that is bound to draw extra attention to your location.

While some players are busy completing quests and trying to go unnoticed, things may get a bit hectic when the evac ship arrives. While some players may be lucky enough to board the ship unscathed, others will be subject to random inspections and are forced to wait precious seconds before getting on board. This could mean the different between life and death, not to mention that the hangar is a place that is prone for player ambushes. Tread carefully and beware of other players trying to deprive you of your accomplishments.

The Cycle is an addictive and clever game with nods to Firefall and Battle Royale titles, but it is much more than that. It's not about the last man standing; instead, it's about playing as you see fit and having a blast while doing it.

The Cycle gameplay video

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