Uncharted Waters Online

PUBLISHER: Papaya Play | DEVELOPER: Tecmo Koei
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Final

With Uncharted Waters Online, Koei tries to bring something new to the free MMORPG scene, and the Japanese studio succeeded. More than a RPG, this is an ‘Age of Exploration simulator’, with a lot more going on besides the usual role-playing tasks.

Although based in a historical premise, Uncharted Waters is a fictional take on the several timelines of this era, offering a romantic view of the 15th century. With 6 powerful nations at the players’ disposal – England, Kingdom of Portugal, Spanish Empire, Dutch Republic, Ancien Régime in France and Republic of Venice – there is much to choose from, with classes and over 75 professions, representing more than 100 skills to master. The player is free to change from one profession to another at any time, so things never get stale.

The developers boast over 3 years of playtime for Uncharted Waters Online, certainly impressive but depending on what they can do to keep things fresh. Events such as Great Sea Fights bring some excitement to the game, and the possibility of 100 Vs 100 PvP sea battles is something that will keep players interested.

With an economy system that fluctuates accordingly to supply and demand of goods, and several systems such as investment, politics and spice routes, Uncharted Waters Online is a huge game and a clever mix of elements. It could be technically improved, with more detailed and populated cities, but things are very appealing in the high seas.

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