Vindictus is a free MMORPG with its roots deeply set in the hack ‘n’ slash genre. It was developed by devCat, a studio that is owned by Nexon. Vindictus is also known as Mabinogi Heroes outside of Europe and North America and, despite the clearly different looks and game style, is a prequel to famed MMORPG Mabinogi.

Vindictus has earned significant praise, even being considered the best free-to-play MMO game of 2010 by IGN. The high production values and polished gameplay are just a few of the qualities of this game. The use of the Source engine (from Valve, also supporting classics such as Half-Life 2 and Portal 2) is no stranger to this, allowing for a deep interaction with the environment. A lot of objects in the game world may be destroyed or used as weapons.

Classes and characters interlock in Vindictus, with the initial selection only at three, but two more are expected to be added (Karok, already available in the Korean version, and Kai). Lann (dual-weapon warrior) Fiona (sword and shield warrior) and Evie (magician) are the main warriors in Vindictus, and they are gender-locked. Each one has different skills and players may alter some basic abilities and aesthetic elements during the selection phase.

Combat is fast paced and relentless, some of the best ever seen in a free-to-play game, providing not only a large dose of excitement for the player, but also requiring teamwork to surpass the most difficult enemies. Distractions are essential for other players to deal the most damage to bosses that can be three times bigger than the average character. And in a cool way, damage can break our armor and reveal the underwear, so it’s essential to carefully choose all of our gear!

Vindictus stands out as one of the best action free MMO games available and a hard one to forget. Those who like their action frantic and accompanied by great visuals and game mechanics need to look no further.

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