Zombies Monsters Robots (Hazard Ops)

Zombies Monsters Robots

PUBLISHER: En Masse/Infernum | DEVELOPER: Yingpei
GENRE: Shooter | THEME: Sci-Fi
PLATFORM: Download | STATUS: Shutdown October 2017 (NA)

Zombies Monsters Robots (aka Hazard Ops in Europe) is a free-to-play PC third-person shooter developed by Yingpei Games, the studio previously known as Epic Games China. The team's previous work was on the shooter Mercenary Ops, a Gears of War-inspired game that unfortunately saw its Western release canceled.  En Masse Entertainment, the publisher of the successful free MMORPG Tera Rising, is handling publishing duties on Zombies Monsters Robots, so the North American and European launch should be a certainty.

Zombies Monsters Robots is considered a spiritual successor to Mercenary Ops (it's even called Mercenary Ops 2 in China) and shares quite a few features with that game, including the Unreal Engine 3 and the testosterone-fueled male characters, but there are also female characters in the game. The game's story tells us of interdimensional portals opening up all over the world and all the monstrosities appearing to crush humanity, forcing mankind to unite and fight the common enemy. Pretty much the premise of Pacific Rim, only this time the robots are also part of the enemy. Players should expect a few different game modes, including survival and co-op campaigns where up to eight players may participate, with a boss battle always expecting them at the end. Competitive modes allow 16 players to battle in modes such as humans versus monsters.

Post launch, which is scheduled for summer 2014, the developers want to frequently add more content , from new weapons to maps, modes and enemies.

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