Arctic Combat Item Pack and Name Reservation Giveaway

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER! is teaming up with Webzen to give our readers a free promotion code for the free-to-play shooter Arctic Combat, which will begin open beta on December 6. With this code you'll get some items and the opportunity to reserve your character's name right away! Get your key now while supplies last! Follow FreeMMOStation on Facebook to know about the latest giveaways and click on “Click here to get your key!”


Participants who redeem a promotional code will receive special items from the start of the official launch: “Flash Bang” – a thrown weapon that blinds the enemy with a burst of light and “Smoke” – a thrown weapon that blinds the enemy with trick smoke. Additionally they will gain the opportunity to make their character first and reserve their preferred name to use from the open beta continuing into the official launch a day before the open beta starts. They will also be able to create a clan in advance and reserve a name for that clan.

1. Register for free on's upcoming forums so you can become a part of this amazing community!
2.Visit the promotion page: and login on the site (if you are new to WEBZEN's games, please create an account)
3. Redeem your Promo Code on the event page by entering your code number, then click “Enlist”.
4. Join the game during the period below to create your character!
[Europe server] December 5, 18:00 ~ 20:00 CET / 19:00 ~ 21:00 (EET) / 09:00 ~ 11:00 (Global Server time)

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