DarkOrbit Free Gift Pack Giveaway

DarkOrbit Free Gift Pack Giveaway

FreeMMOStation.com is teaming up with IGG to offer a free gift pack for DarkOrbit (NEW PLAYERS ONLY!). To get your free gift pack you just have to grab a key below. Follow FreeMMOStation on Facebook to know about the latest offers such as this DarkOrbit Free Gift Pack Giveaway.


Join the intergalactic struggle for control of the galaxy! DarkOrbit is a browser-based space shooter where players command a ship working for one of three major space piloting companies, exploring, mining, and conquering parts of many different galaxies. It features a multitude of different configurable ship types, real-time encounters with other players, and the opportunity to win prizes every month.

1. Never miss a giveaway again! Follow our updates via Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, it's all completely free!
2. Register for DarkOrbit and login to the game.
3. Click on the button labeled “Uridium”
4. Click the button labeled “Vouchers”
5. Enter the code and enjoy the free pack items!

– This giveaway code is only available to new DarkOrbit players
– Event date: 5/31/2023 – End: 11/30/2023
– Available regions: Global
– FreeMMOStation.com won’t be held responsible if a winner doesn’t get his key due to lack of contact e-mail or not getting in touch with us when requested.

  • 5 LF3 (Ship Laser Weapon)
  • 3000 RSB-75 (Laser Ammunition)
  • 6000 UCB-100 (Laser Ammunition)
  • 10 Jump Vouchers (Instantly jump to a different map with these vouchers)
  • 20 Log Disks  (Used to upgrade your Skill Tree)

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