Godsrule Open Beta Giveaway

Freemmostation.com is teaming up with Sega to give our readers a free key code with over $20 in Orbs (premium in-game currency) for the free-to-play strategy game Godsrule: War of Mortals. Get your key now while supplies last! Follow FreeMMOStation on Facebook to know about the latest giveaways!


Set in a lush fantasy world, Godsrule mixes social gameplay with established RTS elements to create a unique cross-platform experience. In Godsrule, players are in charge of leading their fierce armies into battle, as well as managing their empire. Godsrule allows players to experience the same persistent world via browser and the iPad.

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2. Get you key and copy it to a safe place (a backup can be found in your Forum inbox).
3. After getting your key, simply register then redeem your key here .
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Players who register with an Open Beta key code will receive over $20 in Orbs (premium in-game currency). Orbs can be used to speed up building, research, and training times. They can also be used to upgrade spells, acquire premium battle units, purchase tokens for the daily lottery, and more.

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  • Pay to Win

    Be warned, this game is PAY TO WIN.

    -> You have to have real money to create powerful units. Your units regularly die. <—–

    If you have no real money, you are stuck with weak units. If you play this game without constantly paying real money for powerful units then you will regularly get curb stomped. If you pay real money and have strong units, they will still die to other strong units and your real money will be wasted.

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