Luvinia World Free Gift Pack Giveaway ($50 value) is teaming up with SOAGames to give our readers a free key to get a promotional box WORTH $50 for the free-to-play MMORPG Luvinia World. Get your key now while supplies last! Follow FreeMMOStation on Facebook to know about the latest giveaways!


Luvinia World, a highly successful game in China, is returning thanks to SOA Games and with quite a few improvements from the previous version known as Luvinia Online. Luvinia World features better balanced gameplay, a new level cap, Level 100, new playable content, new equipment to own and countless client patches to remove existing bugs and add new features.

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2. Get you key and copy it to a safe place (a backup can be found in your Forum inbox).
3. Register an account here.
4. After the account is registered and confirmed claim your key here.
5. Download, Login in game and claim your rewards from Constellation Crystal Pillar NPC (Starting Zone).
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Each character can only open the box once.

Once the users claim a key they will be awarded with a promotional box, here is the content of that box:

• Get the Lv. 40 Unique Weapon Pack, Lv. 60 Constallation Box, 5 bottles of Minor Magic Elixir and Minor Brutality Elixir respectively, 3 Enhancing Gems – Grade E and 3 Enhancing Gem – Grade D respectively, Sightseer Backpack.

• If you are at Lv. 60, you can open Lv. 60 Constallation Box to get the Lv. 60 Unique Weapon Pack, Lv. 80 Constallation Box, 6 bottles of Intermediate Power Elixir and Intermediate Explosion Elixir respectively, Sightseer Backpack, Vitality Essence, 3 Exceptional Gems – Grade C and Colorful Blessing Stone.

• If you are at Lv. 80, you can open Lv. 80 Constallation Box, get a Sightseer Backpack, 5 Enhancing Gems – Grade B, 6 Colorful Blessing Stones, 10 Holy Insight, Senior Power Elixir and Senior Explosion Elixir and 10 pieces of Holy Insight.

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