AFK Journey Beginner Guide and Tips

AFK Journey Beginner Guide and Tips

All right, so here we're going to talk about how to progress through AFK Journey even quicker. Of course, some people might disagree with some things I say, but hopefully, I can still help you and just get you through the game. This guide is for new players, but AFK Journey is an extremely hard and complex game, especially when you reach the end game. There are so many things that you have to learn and optimize. If you do not, then you will have a hard time, especially if this is your first time playing gacha games. So we highly recommend that you check out AFKJourneyGuides, watch YouTube video guides, and join official Discord servers where players discuss and help new players.


First of all, I want to mention straight away that guilds in AFK Journey are massively important. You want to be part of an active one. If you're not part of an active one, you're going to struggle a lot more to get guild points. Guilds are important because you can complete guild quests that will give you guild currency.

With that currency, you will be able to purchase invitation letters, celestial heroes, and other items. Battle drills inside the guild are team events where you will fight various monsters, and based on your performance, you will get rewards. You can not solo battle drills, so you must be part of an active guild.

AFK Progress

AFK Journey Progress

AFK progress is one of the best ways to get all the resources that you need for the AFK Journey. Make sure to not claim your AFK loot until the end of the day, after all progress has been made. Progressing through the AFK stages as much as possible is crucial because it results in more AFK loot, which helps build characters more effectively. There is an option to activate instant AFK rewards using diamonds. It is 100% worth it.


AFK Journey Ascension

In AFK Journey, ascending your characters increases their rarity. Unlike other games, you need acorns in addition to dupes for ascension. Acorns are rare but can be obtained through summoning and the Legend Trail. When it comes to character duplication, you will have a hard time. The only way to get heroes is through invitations. The drop rate for heroes, especially S- tier heroes, is extremely low.

That is why it is important to set up a wish list. With the wish list, you will be able to choose eight characters that you want. It's advisable to focus acorns on your main DPS character, as ascending them unlocks exclusive equipment and significantly boosts their stats. Having one extremely strong DPS character will carry half of your progression in the beginning.

Elite and Epic Heroes

AFK Journey differentiates between elite and epic heroes. Elite heroes are lower rarity and easier to upgrade, making them a strategic choice for your main carry or DPS in the early game. Unfortunately, you will not have a lot of control over what heroes you get in the early game. It is best to use the highest-upgraded DPS characters that you have. Also, make sure that you have at least one tank and healer on your team.


AFK Journey Equipment

Equipment is important, but only in the late game. If you are a new player, you should not worry too much about getting, purchasing, and crafting equipment. AFK Journey is designed very well for new players, so you will get an insane amount of equipment until you reach the end game. So spending gold and other resources on crafting it is not worth it. Just play the game, and you will get all the equipment that you need. When you get to the endgame, then you can start thinking about getting the best equipment.

Daily Quests

A lot of new players forget about Daily Quests in AFK Journey. They are extremely important because they will give you diamonds and, most importantly, hero essences. Hero essences are used for leveling heroes. You will definitely struggle to get them, especially when you get to the late game. The amount of hero essence that you will get from daily quests depends on your AFK progression stage. Each day, you can do daily quests. It literally takes 10 minutes to do them.

Battle Modes

AFK Journey Battle Modes

Arcane Labyrinth: A weekly mode offering rewards like invitation letters. It can be quite challenging to progress through Arcane Labyrinth if you are a new player.
Dream Realm: No matter if you are a new or advanced player, you should play the dream realm each day. First, you will have a larger dream realm currency that you can use in shops to purchase heroes. The second is that you will get rewards based on the leaderboard. Rewards that you get from the leaderboard are extremely important, like items for upgrading heroes skills and exclusive equipment.
Arena: Compete against other players' defenses to earn points and rewards. You will get daily arena currency that can be used to purchase S-tier heroes. Each day, you can do four battles for free.

Hopefully these tips will help you progress faster in the sequel to the acclaimed AFK Arena.

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