Anvil Coupon Codes List | How to Redeem Codes and Earn Rewards

Anvil Coupon Codes List

Anvil is a top-down action shooter from developer Action Square. Featuring fast-paced and frantic gameplay, it is reminiscent of acclaimed titles from Frozenbyte, requiring lightning-fast reflexes as you battle wave after wave of enemies. It is nonstop roguelike action and offers online co-op, allowing you to join a few friends as you step into the shows of Vault Breakers and take down the monsters that come your way. Anvil stands for Ancient Vault Investigation Lab, which means that this is a secret agency tasked with destroying threats across the galaxy. And you all know just how handy a Anvil coupon codes list will be in this fight, right?

Anvil Coupon Codes List

Anvil Coupon Codes List

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Even before its scheduled release date of September 1, 2021 on Steam, Anvil already had a coupon code doing the rounds. This could be used by players who had requested and gained access to the June closed beta, which ran for approximately one week. While Anvil is most likely going to be a premium game (not free-to-play), it's always good to have gift codes to use.

So, without further ado, here are the currently available Anvil coupon codes:

  • INTEL10000 (redeem for 10,000 Vault Points)

How to Redeem Anvil Codes

Giving your Vault Breakers a boost isn't a difficult task. In fact, you can do it soon after you launch Anvil. Here you have the detailed instructions to claim your Anvil gift codes.

  • Launch Anvil
  • When in the main menu, press ESC
  • Look for the Coupon Code options in the menu and click it
  • Enter the coupon code and click Apply

If it was a working Anvil coupon code, the reward will be instantly charged into your account.

Vault Points is one of Anvil's in-game currency that you can use to purchase new Breakers (playable characters) or Toy Workers. The latter are assistants of diverse types that will provide support in battle.

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