Apex Legends Mobile Codes | Is There a Creator Code System?

Apex Legends Mobile Codes

Apex Legends Mobile has released in several regions and fans of the shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment are now able to take the fight anywhere they want to. We can expect many gamers and popular streamers to support the game and show their skills on every streaming platform, and there's a big chance that some of you reading this fit in that category. Creator codes is a big feature in the original game and you may be wondering if you can expect Apex Legends Mobile codes to be available at launch. Let's investigate.

Is There a Apex Legends Mobile Creator Codes System?

Apex Legends Mobile Codes

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First of all, a bit of context for those who don't know what a creator code is. A creator code feature allows players to input codes tailored exclusively from their favorite content creator when they make an in-game purchase. This way, you are supporting your favorite streamer when purchasing an item, with no added cost for you.

Don't expect to see this kind of Apex Legends Mobile codes at the time of launch. Respawn has confirmed this with a statement from senior director Myke Hoff, who claims that you won't be able to redeem Apex Legends Mobile creator codes at launch.

However, there's still hope. Hoff added that the team is looking at this feature and considering the best route to implement it in the future. They have a plan for it and are very certain about its integration, but the creator code system in Apex Legends Android and iOS is yet to be finished. So, you can expect this to happen, but your favorite content creator has to wait a while longer before you can support him or her with your in-app purchases.

You can download Apex Legends Mobile from the Play Store if you are in one of the supported regions, while the iOS version is coming soon.

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