Apex Legends Mobile is Now on Your PC

Apex Legends Mobile PC

We have waited so long for Apex Legends to release a mobile version, and now it is finally here. This amazing free-to-play game, a genre for battle royale, had so many plans to take a step towards the mobile world, but they didn’t until last month. But February was the lucky month for all of us with Apex legends because Electronic Arts managed to release a soft launch on Google Play Store, letting us pre-register on this amazing Apex Legends Mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile PC

Now Apex Legends Mobile is available in over ten selected countries to have a limited regional launch. The data provided from this soft launch has to cover up with the exact details we need to balance their progression systems and the matchmaking process of the entire game. This all should happen before the global release of this magnificent game, and whatever that date is, let’s be prepared.

So this guide is for all the players who are excited about this Apex Legends Mobile with the details of what things will be offered with us from the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Available Regions and Details

A tweeter mentioned this Apex Legends Mobile that says it will have a soft launch for several selected regions to test how well it goes. And now it is here. The soft launch regions are New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina. If you are a player coming under those regions, you can now download the game and test how well Apex Legends mobile goes.

Electronic Arts says that the game is not quite ready for a full release, so this will be a limited event for players from those regions. The contents from this recent soft launch are still not ready as it only has a single map for all Team Deathmatches, Battle Royale Mode, and the 3v3 Mini Battle Royale.

Time Period of Apex Legends Mobile

Since this is a limited regional launch, it will have a limited time to run, and that period has already started by the 3rd of May. If any player has made some purchase from this test phase, they are not going to have them more after the end of the testing phase, and all the player accounts will be removed by the end.

Apex Legends Mobile PC

But note that players will be rewarded with in-game currency, which will be equal to the purchases they made, and those currencies will be released by the official launch of Apex Legends Mobile. You can keep your skins earned from the Battle pass from this soft launch.

Can We Play Apex Legends Mobile on PC?

You might wonder why playing a mobile game on a computer when there is already a PC version of it is there. Not many players can afford such a big PC game with their computers, and especially if they are low-end device users, this may be a massive problem for them all. So that is why they are finding some alternatives to play a mobile game, and then comes the PCs.

When we play a mobile game through a PC, it comes with many features to ease our gameplay because unlike the mobiles, it has the controls by a keyboard and a mouse. And most importantly, you will get a widescreen to display your game at all. So, if a player wants to have these all features by him at all, the best option they can use is an emulator, and in this case, we are suggesting you the best android emulator: LDPlayer.

What an emulator does is create a virtual android operating system on your PC, and it allows us to run android apps through it on our computer. So by just installing and running it on your PC, you will be able to play this amazing Apex Legends mobile game with the best-optimized features.

Why Playing Apex Legends Mobile on PC?

Like we said earlier, Apex Legends is a huge game that comes with massive features, and they won’t allow you to have a smooth play unless you have the highest-performing computer with you. And more than that, you will only have simple gaming here from a tiny screen and limited controls with a touch screen and so on. We all know that is now how the battles will work here.

Since Apex Legends features the battles, you need to have the best and the smoothest gaming through your gameplay, and it has to fuel the entire game scenarios to enjoy the best gaming experience at all. With that tiny screen, you won’t get the flexible settings that are specially optimized for you to play in the game, and that is why LDPlayer comes here to play this fantastic Apex Legends mobile game.

Apex Legends Mobile PC

There are some features like the Keyboard Macro associated with LDPlayer, which will ease your repetitive tasks by setting only one key to perform them all. And also the features like the Keyboard Mapping will allow you to own personalized key controls on all the movements. Besides these all, this emulator will be your best option to have the fastest and most optimized gaming for Apex Legends mobile as it adjusts with your PC settings to give the best experience even if it is a low-end device.

How to Play Apex Legends Mobile on PC with LDPlayer?

It doesn’t cost too much time for you, and you can do it by some simple steps as follows.

  • First, you need the emulator since you are playing on a PC so download LDPlayer by directing towards its official website.
  • Then install the emulator.
  • After finishing with your installation, go for the LD Store on it and search your Apex Legends mobile in there and install
  • Now you are all free to play this amazing game through LDPlayer.

Apex Legends Mobile PC


Apex Legends Mobile is now available within ten regions, and we are hoping that it will soon be available with a global launch. The most awaited time for this amazing game is now over and let’s see what will be added to its content with the official release until then, now the soft launch is there for you.

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