Black Desert Mobile Coupon Codes List (January 2023)

Black Desert Mobile Coupon Codes

Updated January 18, 2023 | One of the best mobile MMORPGs ever made, Black Desert Mobile has millions of fans all over the world. Even those who aren't the greatest fans of Pearl Abyss' epic fantasy MMO will surely agree that it is one stunning game, with a fantastic and powerful character creation tools. Nonetheless, your enjoyment is only proportional to your ability to sustain the heavy grind, because becoming strong in such a dangerous world is a daunting task. Occasionally, you'll be gifted some Black Desert Mobile coupon codes to give you some respite, and you will need all the help that you can get, so don't waste them.

Black Desert Mobile Coupon Codes List

Black Desert Mobile Coupon Codes

The younger sibling of the equally successful Black Desert Online comes with a coupon code system, enabling you to reap some rewards by entering official codes. These eventually expire as quickly as they are revealed to the community, so don't waste any time – redeem the codes as fast as you can, otherwise you may be left stranding.

Here is the current list of Black Desert Mobile coupon codes:

  • Blessingfromwook
  • JOJY-LOVE-MUSA-ALOT – redeem code to get Blessed Message Scroll (100 min) x3
  • AION-JANI-SDAN-CING – redeem code to get Time-filled Black Stone x50, Tuvala Ore x10
  • CHOG-ATTI-DO24-HOUR – redeem code to get Cron x10, Meme Frag x5, Special Dice x15, Wanderer's Star Collection (60 min)
  • SVEN-DERH-IRSC-HPVP – redeem code to get Refined Magical Black Stone x20
  • MISS-INGQ-UEST-ITEM – redeem code to get Broken Golem's Core x1, Ancient Iron Coin x2
  • SEAS-ONPL-USLE-TSGO – redeem code to get Gift Set TFBS x200, Book Training combat/skill 1d, life, EXP 300%
  • PEAR-LABY-SS11-YEAR – redeem code to get Blessing of Old Moon 7D
  • BDOW-ITHA-MDFS-R21! – redeem code to get Inventory +4 Expansion Kuku, 60×5 Advice of Valks +30
  • LAHN-NCRI-MSON-LILY (expires August 23, 2021)
  • 202104BRCAMERICA
  • YOUR15KCPJOURNEY (1x 100% Hot Time Scroll, 2x Token of Valor -expires February 28, 2021)
  • BAEZAANDSHAKATU2 (expires February 7, 2021)

How to Redeem Black Desert Mobile Promo Codes

There are two ways to redeem codes in Black Desert Mobile, according to the device that you are playing on, Android or iOS. The former has a built-in redeem system, while the latter is done via its own official page.

Here is how you can redeem BDM codes for Android:

  • Launch Black Desert Mobile
  • Open the options menu in the upper right corner (the three lines icon)
  • Tap Settings in the lower right corner
  • Find the Redeem Coupon button and tap it
  • Enter your coupon code and tap Redeem Coupon

And this is how you claim your BDM gift pack for iOS devices:

If it was a working code, you'll get your in-game gifts right away.

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