Brown Dust 2 Jayden’s Gate Door Code Guide

Brown Dust 2 Jayden's Gate Door Code

Brown Dust 2 is a terrific adventure RPG with the occasional puzzle coming your way, such as the door lock code that you find during the Jayden's Gate chapter. Possibly just as you, many players have been stuck in this location and are asking what is the Brown Dust 2 Jayden's Gate door code, and we are going to help you out. Keep reading and you'll be able to progress in this amazing school-based level that even features a haunted basement.

What is the Brown Dust 2 Jayden's Gate door lock code?

Brown Dust 2 Jaydens Gate Door Lock Code Guide

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This amazing Brown Dust 2 chapter is mostly set within a school with various floors that includes a dorm room, a clinic, various leisure areas, and even some private offices. But it's when you go to the basement, fighting haunted students and escaping a terrifying ghost that you'll stumble upon this locked door.

When you reach the main mission “Remove the guidance counselor room's door lock” you will get a few clues about the door code. If you pay close attention to the conversation between your characters, you should easily crack the code. However, clicking on the quest detail will provide you with additional hints:

“On the back of the card key, it is written to arrange the number of the belt of the Sun, Ear, and Orion constellation. They say that the Orion constellation is famous for the three stars on its waist.”

The key-code only allows for three numbers, so that's a good thing already. Without further delay, the Brown Dust 2 door code is 1-2-3. Easy as that. Now it's time to step into the room and see who could be waiting for you.

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