Brown Dust 2 Magic Lever Order Guide

Brown Dust 2 Magic Lever Order

Pulling the magic levers in order is just one of several puzzles in Brown Dust 2. While it isn't a complicated one, sometimes we fail to spot the answer right in front of us. That's why in this Brown Dust 2 Magic Lever order guide we are going to save you the headache and reveal the exact order in which you should pull those levers.

What is the solution to the Brown Dust 2 Magic Lever puzzle?

Brown Dust 2 Magic Lever Order Guide Sharpshooter of the Mist

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First of all, some context to this mission. It takes place during the Mint Man – Sharpshooter of the Mist chapter, somewhere in the sewers area. As you reach the main quest called “Try to pull the magic lever in order,” this is when you get to tackle this puzzle.

The quest comes with the following hint: “Pull the magic devices hanging on the wall in order to unlock them. The word ‘lowest first' written on the invitation might be a hint.”

The invitation that is mentioned can be found in your bag, in the Collection tab. It's the “A Suspicious Letter” item and it gives you the following clue:

“A strange letter that was stolen from a fearless thug. It's an invitation from a drug dealer selling Adeline. ‘The sewer, start with the lower one' is written on it.”

This should be enough to give you the solution to the magic lever puzzle. But if it isn't, here's the way to do it, assuming that the levers are mentioned in order from left to right, with 1 being on the left and 4 being the last lever on the right. The Brown Dust 2 Magic Lever order is 3-4-1-2.

While you won't immediately realize what those levers did, you'll soon discover it if you continue following the Warlock.

Good luck on your quest and don't forget to check our other Brown Dust 2 guides here on

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