Cookie Run: Kingdom Coupon Codes | Free Rewards (December 2022)

Cookie Run: Kingdom Coupon Codes

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

Updated December 8, 2022 | Cookie Run: Kingdom is the cute and yummy new game in the Cookie Run series. This time, you'll be able to build the kingdom of your dreams while you battle foes of different types in this RPG for Android and iOS. Despite looking delicious, they are ferocious and shouldn't be handled lightly, not forgetting about the PvP aspect of the game. Besides the poster boy… I mean, cookie Gingerbrave, you get to meet characters such as Custard Cookie, Dark Enchantress Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, and Holyberry Cookie, among others. You're going to need items and in-game currency to level up your team, and this is where the Cookie Run: Kingdom coupon codes list comes in.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Coupon Codes List

Cookie Run: Kingdom Coupon Codes List

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The one thing that could make Cookie Run: Kingdom look more colorful and appetizing is a bunch of coupon codes. Developer Devsisters Corp didn't forget about it and is going to regularly release redeem codes that you can trade for in-game rewards.

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

You can check our carefully curated Cookie Run: Kingdom coupon codes list below.

Note: the GETUR1SUGARGNOME coupon code that was released on April 1, 2021 is… sort of an April Fool's prank. Keep reading for the really useful Cookie Run Kingdom codes right next, including a couple that were released in September 2021 for the Cookie Run Kingdom and Sonic the Hedgehog event collaboration.

  • NEWUPDATEISAHEAD – NEW! – redeem code for 1500 Rainbow Cubes,  3000 Crystals
  • 1015CKCOOKIELIVE – NEW! – redeem code for 2500 Army Bombs
  • THANX200MPLAYERS – NEW! – redeem code for 2000 Crystals, 2000 Rainbow Cubes
  • CRKINGDOMWITHBTS – NEW! –  redeem code for 3000 Crystals, 1000 Army Bombs
  • FOLLOWINGINLATAM – NEW! –  redeem code for 2500 Crystals
  • CRKWELCOMEDISNEY – redeem code for 3000 Crystals, x400 Radiant Shards
  • 0728CKCOOKIELIVE – redeem code for 1500 Crystals, x300 Rainbow Cubes, x3 Treasure Tickets, x3 30-min Speed-up
  • FOLLOWUSINEUROPE – redeem code for 2500 Crystals
  • CRKBEHINDNFUTURE – redeem code for 5000 Crystals, 1200 Radiant Shards, 1500 Rainbow Cubes, x130 EXP Star Jellies lvl 6, x120 Topping Pieces, x8 Aurora Bricks, x8 Aurora Pillars, x8 Aurora Compass, 250k Coins, x30 Time Jumpers, x10 Magic Cookie Cutters
  • 2022PPLSCHOICETY – redeem code until May 2, 2022
  • GOMAGICOVENEVENT – redeem code for 500 Crystals
  • WEMADECKTOGETHER – redeem code for 3,000 Crystals
  • 0224CRKDARKCACAO – redeem code for 3,000 Crystals
  • COOKIELIVECOUPON – redeem code for x3 Treasure Tickets, x3 30-minute Speed-ups, x2 Special Cookie Cutters, x2 Magic Cookie Cutters, x30 EXP Star Jellies Lv. 6, x300 Rainbow Cubes, 1,500 Crystals)
  • CK1STANNIVERSARY – expires February 21, 2022
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD1 – redeem for Crystals x1,000
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD2 – redeem for Special Cookie Cutters x3
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD3  redeem for EXP Star Jelles Lv. 6 x100 – expires February 18, 2022
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD4  redeem for Time Jumpers x30 – expires February 17, 2022
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD5 – redeem for All Aurora Items x3 – expires February 16, 2022
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD6 – redeem for Magic Cookie Cutters x3 – expires February 15, 2022
  • CRK1STBIRTHDAYD7 – redeem for Rainbow Cubes x500 – expires February 14, 2022
  • 2021KRGAMEAWARDS – redeem for 5,000 Crystals, 1,000 Rainbow Cubes, 1,000 Cold Crystals – expires December 31, 2021
  • 30MILLIONKINGDOM – redeem for 3000 Rainbow Cubes, 3000 Crystals – expires December 31, 2021
  • KINGDOMWITHSONIC – redeem for 1000 crystals
  • SAMSUNGCRKINGDOM – redeem for 1000 crystals
  • COOSEBOMEKINGDOM (redeem for 300 crystals)
  • RUSWKGMLKINGDOM6 (redeem for 300 crystals)
  • JJONDEUKEECOOKIE (redeem for 300 crystals)
  • COOKANGJIKINGDOM (redeem for 300 crystals)
  • 12THBRAVEDAY0612 (redeem for 1200 crystals, 120 Lv 6 XP Candies)
  • COOKIERUNTWITTER (redeem for 1000 crystals)
  • SOQCESWVJWEKZDVB (redeem for 1000 crystals)
  • IELLBHSLKSKZHBGD (redeem for 3 cookie cutters)
  • COOKIECHICKENRUN (redeem for 500 crystals)
  • TIYSVCUKYDPPHTNP redeem for 50,000 coins)
  • CHIMNPERLKINGDOM (redeem for 500 crystals)
  • XYOKSPZLLUJYFKJN (redeem for 12,000 EXP)
  • HAPPY100DAYSGIFT (redeem before May 12, 2021)
  • KINGDOMYUNIKO720 (redeem for 500 crystals)
  • 2CHAMCOOKINGDOM2 (redeem for 500 crystals)
  • TAMAGIFT500TOYOU (redeem for 500 crystals)
  • COOKIEFOOLSDAYS2 (401 crystals)
  • 50CAFEREWARD1000
  • KINGDOMNAMDOBLUE (500 crystals)
  • WELCOMETOCRKMATT (300 crystals)
  • WELCOMETOCRKJACE (300 crystals)
  • WELCOMETOCKSANNA (300 Crystals)
  • KINGDOMOKING5927 (500 crystals)
  • KINGDOMLILKA2021 (500 crystals)
  • TK2PO5GA87D + your 5-characters code (500 crystals)
  • KINGDOMSWAMP0130 (500 crystals)
  • KINGDOMSUNBA0128 (500 crystals)
  • KINGDOMYANGDDING (500 crystals)
  • WELCOMETOKINGDOM (500 crystals)
  • KINGDOMWELOVEYOU (3,000 crystals, 100 stamina)

Since new codes will be released without warning, we advise you to bookmark this page and keep checking back for more. You can also search the official Cookie Run: Kingdom social media pages, who knows if you may discover a code that we haven't yet published. In that case, please tell us all about it by pointing us in the right direction using the comments area.

How to Redeem Cookie Run: Kingdom Coupon Codes

Redeeming a Cookie Run: Kingdom exchange code is extremely simple. All that you must do is go to an official redeem page and enter some account-related info, along with the 16-character coupon code, and you're done. The next thing you know is that the rewards will be coming your way.

Here is how to claim your Cookie Run: Kingdom gifts:

  • Go to the official coupon page
  • Enter your Cookie Run: Kingdom account name
  • Enter your coupon code comprised of 16 characters
  • Tap Claim Reward to get your gift pack

In case you don't know where to find your Cookie Run: Kingdom account name, here is how to copy it.

  • Tap the Menu button (the three line button, called hamburger button)
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap the Info tab and find your account name in the User Info area

You can only redeem one coupon code per account, so don't try to enter it twice because it won't be valid anymore. More importantly, you must restart the game after claiming your promo code to receive the reward, don't forget this step.

Lost Ark anniversary celebrations

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