Disgaea RPG Serial Codes List | Get Free Coupon Rewards (June 2021)

Disgaea RPG Serial Codes

Updated June 21, 2021 | The acclaimed and long-running Disgaea series created by Nippon Ichi is widely acclaimed, bringing to the gaming world famous names. One such example is Prinnies, the penguins that act both as protagonists as well as enemies, with the overuse of their trademark word “dood.” With over two dozen titles in the franchise, there are a few spin-offs as well, one of those being Disgaea RPG (play on PC for free). It was released in Japan on March 19, 2019 and is seeing a global launch on April 13, 2021. Nonetheless, some players managed to try the game in early access and there's even a coupon code available for the lucky few that joined in. More of them will follow, so remember to bookmark our Disgaea RPG serial codes list to set yourself up for a great start inside the Netherworld.

Disgaea RPG Serial Codes List

Disgaea RPG Serial Codes List

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Disgaea RPG steers clear from the deep strategy core gameplay from the main games in the series. Instead, it is more of a hero collector turn-based RPG where you control a party of five characters recruited from a large pool of heroes spawning the the whole series. As an example, you get to meet protagonists such as Laharl, Flonne, Etna, Adell, Mao, Valvatorez, and Killia.

You can find the Disgaea RPG promo codes below. With rewards such as free summons, keys, coupons, and potions, among other things, you'd have to be crazy to miss out on these.

  • EZPwT9Xhzg (NEW! – redeem for x10 DG Skip Coupon, x10 Ap pots, x100 Nether Quartz (free), x10 Gate Keys – expires June 30, 2021)
  • W3krwYuV5k
  • gaeqxkgmdj
  • typxxw7swr
  • xnv2ndstwp
  • f7wtnxk65h
  • skfcqwykif
  • pgaz4n26qx
  • tuastmiaez
  • pfttwnrt2x
  • 2dwnngkux3
  • 7qgqrmwqac
  • 5m6wu59c2h
  • 96rtqkh7qa
  • tuastmiaez
  • pgaz4n26qx
  • dpqwfy7zsh
  • skfcqwykif
  • dupj4kjfc3
  • F7WtNXK65H (redeem for Nether Quartz (Free) x200, Gate Keys x3, Prism Hide x25 – expires June 12, 2021)
  • VWZ3gXpHAP (redeem for Nether Quartz x150, 50000HL, x5 DG Skip Coupon)
  • H6Th3gmSJU (redeem for Nether Quartz x150, 50000HL, x5 DG Skip Coupon)
  • wcpvqmgkt3 (redeem for Nether Quartz x300, x3 Premium Summon Tickets, x3 AP Potions, x3 Crab Miso)
  • EP7d5ZGrZ2 (redeem for Nether Quartz x300, x3 Premium Summon Tickets, x3 AP Potions, x3 Crab Miso)
  • kQhSPVFzAQ (redeem for Nether Quartz x150, 50000HL, x5 DG Skip Coupon)
  • Z6fu4Kkcu9 (redeem for Nether Quartz x150, 50000HL, x5 DG Skip Coupon)
  • Rrr9ezgwks (redeem for Nether Quartz x300, x3 AP Potions, x3 Crab Miso, x3 Premium Summon Tickets)
  • YXNuNQXNY4 (redeem for Nether Quartz x150, 50000HL, x5 DG Skip Coupon)
  • j3i2emGm7i (redeem for Nether Quartz x150, 50000HL, x5 DG Skip Coupon – expires May 31, 2021)
  • JtYRJrnQgf (redeem for Nether Quartz x300, x3 Premium Summon Tickets, x3 AP Potions, x3 Crab Miso – expires May 31, 2021)
  • Hwfhj7drky (redeem for Nether Quartz x150, 50000HL, x5 DG Skip Coupon)
  • rKXwJ7qRWk
  • Dkskdyexfr
  • ED4mzsd4Z7
  • JVwQ2rXGAD
  • KsYyRtAUfe
  • 73rss7mw9i
  • rKXwJ7qRWk
  • h3WQ5FT9Kw
  • RR5nGuVaFi
  • gYKa4jrEqf
  • nuWJYU26xH (Nether Quartz (Free) x200, Gate Keys x3 – expires April 30, 2021)
  • e7Ef24eVfC
  • K7uU7d6zkQ

Expired Codes:

  • CKWwiEVtX9 (redeem for x1 Summon Ticket)
  • pE3q2Hrden (redeem for x3 Gate Keys, x3 AP Potions, x5 Gold Bars, 30,000 HL, 3-Star Santa Usalia)

Keep in mind that some codes may already have expired by the time you read this guide. The early access code is one such example, although it doesn't hurt to try, just in case it remains as a working code by the time of official launch. As always, we'll update this list with new codes as they are released, so keep checking back for new rewards.

Disgaea RPG codes are case sensitive, so make sure that you respect capital letters at all times. Otherwise, a working code may return as invalid and you won't get the rewards.

How to Claim Disgaea RPG Serial Codes

Disgaea RPG Serial Codes Guide

Redeem your Disgaea RPG gift codes by following the instructions below. It's easy and quick.

  • Tap the Menu icon on the top right corner
  • Go to Other (“dood”)
  • Tap Serial Code and enter your coupon

That's it, the sweet rewards will be coming your way in no time! If you're not playing yet, you can download Disgaea RPG and play on PC for free using an Android emulator.

How to Get Disgaea RPG Codes

Wondering how to find more of those valuable Disgaea gift codes, dood? It isn't a difficult task, as long as the developers keep releasing them into the wild. You can follow the game's official social media pages, mostly Facebook, Discord, and Reddit, scouring every inch of the latest posts for a new coupon code. These treats are usually released by developer Boltrend when there's a special event or milestone, such as Mother's Day or other celebration, or even distributed as compensation for maintenance. However, your safest bet is to just bookmark this page and keep checking back for updates.

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