Dragon Raja Breadwinner Guide | Full Anecdote Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Breadwinner Guide

Even during the harsh weather, one has to make a living. That is the motto for the Dragon Raja Breadwinner anecdote, where you have to follow the tribulations of a repairman during unstable weather conditions. This tale takes place in Chizuru in its entirety and rewards you with a much-deserved silver medal for your effort. During this anecdote you'll need to wait a real day and wait for the scripted weather conditions, otherwise you won't be able to meet the hardworking Majima. Read our Dragon Raja Breadwinner guide so that the good people of Chizuru won't have to live with broken television sets in rainy days.

Dragon Raja Breadwinner Guide

Dragon Raja Breadwinner Guide

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Breadwinner – Chizuru Furniture Repair is at your service! First class craftsmanship, first class maintenance, first class convenience!

Just as the hint tells you, the Breadwinner anecdote has to be triggered in Chizuru during blizzard weather. However, it's not that easy, because even after speaking with the starting NPC, repairman Majima only shows up in a seemingly random manner. So, it's likely that you can't trigger the anecdote and have to try the next real day, again under blizzard weather, hoping that Majima comes running.

To trigger the quest you have to meet Cyber Cafe Receptionist Natsuki Chokai in Chizuru (157,159) with blizzard weather. She welcomes you as usual, and hopefully she is going to say a couple of things such as “The AC broke down again… When will the bar get a new one?” If Majima comes running, then you're in luck. Otherwise, the anecdote didn't trigger properly and you have to try another day.

Assuming Majima did show up, you must wait for the next real day to continue – or perhaps it's the next server day, so you could give that a shot as well.

The rest of the Breadwinner anecdote consists of meeting Majima in four different locations. However, this also depends on the weather conditions, adding another frustrating element to the tale. The first place where Majima can be found is right across the street to Natsuki (150,145), but he'll only be there in heavy rain or thunderstorm weather. If he's there, talk to him and say “What are you repairing?” although the other option is likely good as well.

Majima goes running and he can be found with sunny weather in the next location (142,140). As you can see by the changing weather, you probably can't do this anecdote in one sitting. Say “How can I find you when in need?” and watch him run away like there's no tomorrow.

The third place is near the first location, across the street from Natsuki (167,145). Go meet him and say “Service in such bad weather?” because it's true – you have to find him during a blizzard or snowy day. Just one more meeting to go under blizzard or thunderstorm weather (160,230) and ask him “Is this your area, too?” and “Why do you work so hard?” Oh, it looks like Majima has a honorable reason for it.

We hope that this Breadwinner anecdote guide helped you get the achievement. As always, keep striving because these aren't easy to beat and check our other guides as we have tons of them.

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