Dragon Raja Era of Idols Guide | Full Anecdote Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Era of Idols Guide

Don't trust everyone could be the motto of the Era of Idols Anecdote. When someone tells you that you can become an idol, beware – if they're asking for money, then there is something suspicious about it. Dragon Raja tells you about the danger of being lured into a world of fame and glory, but you should make the right decisions to complete this tale. Follow our Dragon Raja Era of Idols guide and you'll bring justice to those who earn a living by scamming innocent and gullible people.

Dragon Raja Era of Idols Guide

Dragon Raja Era of Idols Guide

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Era of Idols – There’s a price to become an idol

Go to Tokyo and find a payphone (462,425). Keep spamming the public phone with calls and paying 10 gold for each one until a mysterious man picks up. He’ll ask if you want to be an idol, saying that he works for the Osawa Agency. He’ll ask your gender and what do you think of idols – reply “Wanna be an idol!” and you’ll pass the interview.

The mysterious man will ask you to pay 5,000 gold to build a file in the agency’s office, something that sounds completely legit and not a scam at all. Pay up, and then pay 3,000 gold for them to pick you up and take you to their office – that’s the most expensive Uber I’ve ever paid.

When you arrive at the location, which is in fact the haunted secret room where you meet the creepy ghost girl, the scam continues. The mysterious man says that you must pay 3,000 gold and give him your entire belongings to sign a contract, so REJECT! I can’t say for sure if you really lose your stuff, but I’m not going to try that option, and you shouldn’t as well.

The man isn’t thrilled with our rejection and summons a couple of thugs, whom you’ll swiftly beat up. Then, you should choose the option to call the police and report Osawa Agency wire fraud, increasing your Justice trait and completing the Anecdote. If you chose to ask for hush money, your Chaos trait increases and you may not be able to finish the Anecdote, so beware.

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