Dragon Raja Old Man and Sea Guide | Full Anecdote Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Old Man and Sea Guide

The Old Man and Sea Anecdote is a story about a man longing for a sea trip. For that to happen, he needs your help, pretty much like every other NPC in Dragon Raja. This Silver tale quest is going to take you a few days to achieve due to the need to return later, but the rest of it goes fairly smoothly. Read our Dragon Raja Old Man and Sea guide to help this old wolf fulfill one of his wishes and reward you with a rare trip to the top of the lighthouse.

Dragon Raja Old Man and Sea Anecdote Guide

Dragon Raja Old Man and Sea Guide Anecdote

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Old Man and Sea – There are two things one needs to remember. First, marlin is delicious. Second, don’t get on a lighthouse easily

Travel to Siberia Harbor and go to the lighthouse. Click on the door interaction and choose Knock. Apparently, an old man used to be inside, but he’s gone now, so let’s find him.

Of all the places, the old man is somewhere near the sea, staring at the ocean (423,202). When you talk to him, he mentions that he would love to get a boat and go into the sea, but swimming is not an option. Your next step is to return to the hut where you started the game and sit on the chair. You’ve found the book, so now you must find the orphanage’s toolbox by the entrance of the other residence (331,356) and search it.

You just picked up a rope and now you need four branches. While there are branches literally all over the place, this is a game and you must collect the ones the designers want. So, look out for a specific fallen tree (318,303) and pick up four pieces of wood. The interaction here may be a bit erratic, so move around until it starts working.

Return to the old man and click on the branch icon to give him the stuff. Choose the option that best reflects your personality (money or kindness) and witness him disappear into the ocean (or not, just read a message about it). To complete this Old Man and Sea Anecdote you must return to the lighthouse in a couple of real-life days to talk to him again, he’ll be eagerly standing by the door.

Next thing you notice, you’re at the top of the lighthouse and this Silver Tale is completed.

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