Dragon Raja Time Blessing Guide | Full Anecdote Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Time Blessing Guide

Time waits for no man, especially when it involves cute cats. This may not make much sense, unless you are playing the new Dragon Raja anecdote. Called Time Blessing, it sees you set out in search of a Cassell College legend that speaks of wishes and kitties. This Dragon Raja Time Blessing anecdote guide is going to take you to the end of this tale, even if it means digging around a little bit – literally.

Dragon Raja Time Blessing Guide and Tips

Dragon Raja Time Blessing Anecdote Guide Kitty Moon

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Time Blessing – With the legend of Kitty Moon, give blessing to the time

Go to Cassell College and stand near the imposing Anjou statue (247,245). You’ll notice a couple of NPCs chatting, Anor and O’K, so interact with the latter – don’t forget to tap the dialogue interaction to begin the Time Blessing anecdote. Hear them out and talk to O’K once again to hear more about the legend of Kitty Moon.

So, a sacrifice is in order and clearly it is a cat, so fish seems to be recommended. However, you can choose the other option for a different personality trait. Here is what you get:

“It’s more like a sacrifice with shiny gems”: +5 Romantic Personality
“If it’s a cat, it’s better to choose fish”: +5 Realistic Personality

Your next step is to check the Quest list and tap on the [O] Obtain Fish Offerings (or [O] Obtain Gem Offerings, depending on your choice). Since this action is automatic, you just have to watch your avatar until you see the new quest step [O] Place Fish Offerings. This time you have to find the place by yourself, which should be under one of the three thickest trees in the college.

Not quite an easy task, because knowing Dragon Raja, it could pretty much be any tree, so here are the coordinates (310,256). Walk around it until the icon of a dolphin (you know, fish) or gems appear, and tap it. Wait for a while, as the [O] advises, because apparently there is a time of day requirement for the next step, probably related to nighttime – keep tapping the [O] just in case, or return at a later hour.

When the “Waiting for Kitty Moon” icon starts working (this happened to me at 10PM game time), you are then tasked with picking a cat to follow by choosing Kitty or Meow. Kitty sounds more appropriate, so get ready to follow the cat as soon as you make your selection. We went with Kitty – not sure if Meow goes to the same place – and we must manually follow the cat, so double-up as soon as you make your selection. When Kitty stops (287,217), interact with the ground to find some notes, and then go meet this mysterious Lan at Cassell College – one can simply tap the [O] Find Lan in Cassell College and talk to him, from the quest list.

Lan is by the fountain, so after talking with him you must return to the previous spot where the cat is. Interact with the icon to write down your wish, thank the kitty, and pick your wish from the available selection:

  • Stay in good shape every day
  • Academic performance UP UP
  • Wish your family and friends a safe journey without…
  • Find the soulmate to live together for life

When you pick, interact with the hand icon once more to bury your wish and then tap the mission to complete the anecdote. With this you earn one anecdote point, 666666 gold, a level 7 elemental gem, and a few firework items. We hope this Dragon Raja Time Blessing anecdote guide helped you out, and you can expect more Dragon Raja tale guides here soon.

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