Dragon Raja Waste Separation Guide | Full Anecdote Walkthrough

Dragon Raja Waste Separation Guide

Separating trash in Cassell College is a very serious matter and I wouldn't be surprised if it turned into a national sport or something. Dragon Raja seems to take waste separation seriously, and there are quite a few Anecdotes around that subject. Still, with all those students picking up trash, the area has so much waste laying around that it needs an extra effort. Meet Gregory, who comes to further complicate things by testing your knowledge of the different types of waste. Our Dragon Raja Waste Separation guide is going to help you pass this difficult quiz.

Dragon Raja Waste Separation Guide

Dragon Raja Waste Separation Guide

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Waste Separation – Looks like you've already become a member of the Garbage Supervision Committee, that superior intellect, just what you…

Pick up garbage from the ground in Cassell College. It should trigger a comm from Gregory, who is clearly worried about garbage classification. Go and meet him near the stairs that lead to the basketball court (243,416). Talk to him to start a questionnaire, and you'll earn the Anecdote point as soon as you get them all right:

Q: What kind of garbage is the glowing bubble milk tea?
A: Pearls are wet, cups are dry

Q: What kind of garbage is the Johnson Colored contacts Johann Chu uses to cover his golden eyes?
A: Dry trash – trash that has dried

Q: What kind of garbage is Xiaoyan Su's expired cosmetics?
A: Harmful trash

Q: What garbage are the artificial flowers Ruri Kazame uses on his kimono?
A: Recyclable trash

Q: What kind of garbage is the chicken bones Finger left over?
A: Wet trash

Q: What kind of garbage is the cigar smoked by Principal Anjou?
A: Dry trash

Q: What in the options below doesn't belong to other garbage?
A: Finger's old snotty tissues.

If you fail a question, just pick up another piece of trash from the floor and Gregory should trigger again for another shot at the test. Of course, you won't fail this tale anymore with the help of our handy guide.

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