Elyon Redeem Codes List | How to Claim Guide (October 2021)

Elyon Redeem Codes List

Updated October 20, 2021 | Elyon – Ascent: Infinite Realm is the latest game from Bluehole, the makers of TERA. Keeping up with the tradition of the hit fantasy MMORPG, Elyon delivers stunning graphics and a vast world to explore and fight in, this time drenched in a steampunk fantasy atmosphere. Published by Kakao Games, a company that first brought Black Desert Online into Europe and United States, it also features a coupon code redeem system for players to enjoy a few treats now and then. In this article we're going to publish the list of Elyon redeem codes and a guide detailing how you can claim them.

Elyon Redeem Codes List

Elyon Redeem Codes

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Elyon is the kind of high-profile MMORPG that is bound to capture the attention of many players with its western release. It was previously announced as a buy-to-play or premium game, but thankfully developer Kakao Games decided to switch to free-to-play a mere weeks before the official launch on October 20, 2021. Some love it, some hate it, but the fact is that the redeem codes are there anyway, find the list below.

Please note that the first codes may be exclusive to players who have purchased a package and got early access, so the codes may not work for everyone.

  • YOUR-PATH-WOCS – redeem code for Weapon Enhance Stone x1
  • YOUR-PATH-MJIK – redeem code for Enhance Stone Selection Box x1
  • YOUR-PATH-R4NG – redeem code for Armor Enhance Stone x1
  • THNK-WILT-ERTY – redeem code for Golden Scroll x1
  • J4CK-YDRU-MGIF – redeem code for Level 2 Runestone Chest x1
  • SAYH-I2CM-BLOO – redeem code for Rune Powder Pouch x1
  • KARI-MNVR-DIES – redeem code for Hunting EXP Gain +30% Potion x1

How to Redeem Elyon Codes

The best way to claim your Elyon redeem codes is outside of the game, via the official website. As long as you are logged in, you can enter the code straight from your account and redeem it. The next time that you play, your rewards will be available for the taking.

Here's how you can claim those Elyon codes:

  • Go to the Elyon official website and log in with your Kakao account
  • Go to My Account in the top right corner
  • Find the Redeem a Code box and enter your code
  • Click Confirm to get your rewards

You can download and play Elyon for free from Steam.

Thanks to Axiomz for sharing some of the codes with us.

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