Eversoul Tier List Guide | All Souls Ranked

Eversoul Tier List Guide All Souls Ranked

With around 40 souls at launch, this Eversoul tier list guide will be your best resource to help you assemble the best Eversoul units. Released worldwide by Kakao Games in January 5, 2023 and previously known as Soul Artifact, this is a stunning anime hero collector RPG that is bound to become one of the references in the genre. With an in-depth town system and allowing you to build intimacy with the female characters by giving gifts and using the game's very own social chat system, Eversoul is one to keep for a long time. Also check our Eversoul reroll guide to understand how you can shoot for the best Eversoul characters.

Eversoul Tier List Guide | Best Souls to Summon

Eversoul Tier List Guide Best Souls to Summon

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We will reveal our Eversoul tier list rankings below. As usual, the best Eversoul characters will be represented with an S-tier, descending until we reach the C-tier, where the worst (or not-so-good) units will be presented. This is a personal opinion as always, so you should use it as a guidance, but not as the rule-it-all wiki since it all bows down to playstyle and the characters that you summon. Don't forget that this Eversoul tier list is also based on Souls that are fairly upgraded after some playtime, not the standard versions that you pull.

Characters who aren't in this Eversoul tier list still need some time for us to properly judge their strengths and weaknesses.


  • Miriam
  • Vivienne
  • Ayame
  • Nini
  • Catherine
  • Adrianne


  • Petra
  • Soonie
  • Chloe
  • Seeha
  • Talia
  • Clara
  • Violette
  • Jade
  • Jacqueline
  • Mica
  • Dora
  • Aira


  • Claire
  • Mephistopeles
  • Naiah


  • Cherrie
  • Irene
  • Renee
  • Haru
  • Pixie
  • Flynn
  • Linzy
  • Casper

List of All Eversoul Characters and Classes

Eversoul characters come in six different factions and six classes or roles. Combining these in the most effective way is what will take you to victory. Find all the Eversoul names and classes at the time of launch below.

Eversoul Human Characters

Eversoul Tier List

  • Mephistopheles – Caster
  • Jade – Caster
  • Catherine – Caster
  • Dora – Warrior
  • Linzy – Warrior
  • Claire – Defender
  • Cherrie – Ranger

Eversoul Beast Characters

Eversoul tier list Beast

  • Mica – Striker
  • Clara – Supporter
  • Soonie – Defender
  • Flynn – Ranger
  • Seeha – Supporter
  • Haru – Striker
  • Aira – Warrior

Eversoul Fairy Characters

Eversoul tier list fairy

  • Talia – Supporter
  • Miriam – Ranger
  • Naiah – Caster
  • Nicole – Ranger
  • Chloe – Defender
  • Renee – Striker
  • Vivienne – Caster

Eversoul Undead Characters

Eversoul tier list Undead

  • Jacqueline – Striker
  • Nini – Caster
  • Erusha – Caster
  • Violette – Caster
  • Petra – Defender
  • Prim – Supporter
  • Rebecca – Ranger

Eversoul Angel Characters

Eversoul tier list Angel

  • Adrienne – Defender

Eversoul Demon Characters

Eversoul tier list Demon

  • Ayame – Caster

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