Girl Cafe Gun Best Gifts Guide

Girl Cafe Gun Best Gifts Guide

Girls like gifts a lot, and so do the characters in Girl Cafe Gun (play free on PC here). Besides going into the battlefield for action-packed gunplay, they have to tend to customers in a cafe and that's saying something. Obviously, they could do with some presents and that's where the player comes in. Some gifts are more suited to unique characters, so if you want to rake in those intimacy points, you must know who prefers what. This is where our Girl Cafe Gun best gifts guide comes in.

Girl Cafe Gun Best Gifts Guide

Girl Cafe Gun Best Gifts Guide

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This Girl Cafe Gun preferred gifts guide will cover the main girls, the ones that you're sure to have to interact and build intimacy with. Raising your affection with each one, also called the bonding system, will unlock other interactions. Physical touch, backstory, and other systems are some of the things that you can learn as you give gifts to the girls.

The table below will show you the best gifts for each girl in Girl Cafe Gun.

Rococo Honey Milk Swiss Roll
Yuki Kikuri High-Quality Tea Clover Omamori
Nola Moon Anatomy Book Famous Vinyl Record
Cornelia Special Artillery Book Illegal Firearm Part
Irene White Vintage Movie Poster Fashion Accessory
Lida Romero Cactus Pot Supermarket Coupon
Shi Wuxia Datebook Fountain Pen
Su Xiaozhen Concert Lamp Delicacy Collection
Grainne Draser Exquisite Hairband Luxury Kitchenware
Juno Emmons Handmade Apple Pie  Competition Skates
Eksistere Kyrenia Salmon Ice-Cream Adv. Rubik’s Cube
Shi Wuyou Bluetooth Earpiece Polaroid

These are the best gifts for your favorite girls. Now it's up to you to take your party of three into battle and show their true firepower. We'll also be on the lookout for Girl Cafe Gun coupon codes, as these always come in handy.

Girl Cafe Gun global was released in September 9, 2021 for Android and iOS. There's been some confusion surrounding the name Girl Cafe Gun 2, but this is the actual game that exists, there's no sequel yet, so it's not worth bothering to look around for that game yet.

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