Girl Cafe Gun Uncensored Cheat | How to Uncensor Guide

Girl Cafe Gun Uncensored Cheat Guide

Girl Cafe Gun released globally this September, but most players noticed that the waifus in this action RPG and girl collector aren't acting quite the same as the Korean version. Apparently, the developers decided once again to censor the game to some degree, most notably the Live2D interactions. What this means is that the girl art may remain equal to the original, but interacting with the girls was cut in a significant degree. Apparently, things like additional flirting actions were cut from the global release. Luckily, there's a workaround for this, and that's what we're going to detail in this Girl Cafe Gun uncensored cheat guide.

Girl Cafe Gun Uncensored Cheat Instructions

Girl Cafe Gun Uncensored Cheat Guide

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This guide is only for the Android version and you can also use it if running an Android emulator on PC. You just need a good file explorer such as CX File Explorer, and to create a certain file inside the game's folders. Here are the full instructions.

Go to the following folder:
Main Storage/Android/data/com.biligameglobal.girlcafegungp/files/l2d/girl111

Inside this folder are two files and we're going to create a third one, the file “love.u” (without the quotation marks). This file is case-sensitive, so make sure that it's exactly as described. That's about it.

Do note that some file explorers may ask for additional authorizations to access the folders, while others simply don't show the folders mentioned above. Hopefully this Girl Cafe Gun uncensored cheat guide worked for you, but only the true connoisseurs of this game will notice the differences between the censored and uncensored versions.

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