Goddess of Victory: Nikke Tier List Guide

Goddess of Victory: Nike Tier List Guide

Shift Up is back with the next game after Destiny Child, again with a focus on attractive female characters. Goddess of Victory: Nikke (play free on PC here) is the name of this mobile RPG where you must recruit and control battle androids from various manufacturers, the latest hope of humanity against a terrible invader. As always, a great Goddess of Victory: Nikke tier list guide is essential reading to make the most out of the game, using the best Nikkes in your journey against the threat.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke Tier List Guide

Goddess of Victory: Nike Tier List Guide

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Nikkes come in different tiers and roles. You can find various types of battle androids among the three traditional class roles: Attacker, Defender, and Support. As always, a good balance between your units is much better than recklessly going for a squad comprised of the highest rated heroines, as this won't take you very far. Ultimately, a Goddess of Victory Nikke tier list is only as good as the little changes that you make to it, in order to excel in the battlefield.

In other words, there is no magical list of the best Goddess of Victory Nike units, the overall performance of your team depends on your unit selection and how they interact with each other, as well as the type of enemy that you are facing in each battle. Adapt to conquer is the word, with the various weapons such as rifles, shotguns, and heavy weaponry being more suited to a specific enemy type.

With that being said, this is where you can find the Goddess of Victory: Nikke tier list guide after we have evaluated the units for some time. You will see them divided into a familiar list of SSR, SR, S, and R ratings, giving you an outlook on the best nikkes based on their power alone.

Goddess of Victory Nikke tier list coming soon.

All Goddess of Victory: Nikke Characters

Since not all Goddess of Victory: Nikke characters are available or visible at the start of the game, it's interesting to know who they are, how many, and what are their names. This Goddess of Victory: Nikke characters list is just a curiosity for everyone during the early days of the game, some sort of insight into the minds of the developers of the game.

Here are the Nikkes at the time of release, with more to come in the following months. Note that some of the names may have been slightly adjusted from the original Korean monikers, so it's possible that a duplicate or two are found in the list below:

  • Admi
  • Alice
  • Anis
  • Belorta
  • Campion
  • Delta
  • Diesel
  • Drake
  • Ember
  • Emma
  • Espinel
  • Ether
  • Exia
  • Guillotine
  • iDOLL Flower
  • iDOLL Ocean
  • iDOLL Sun
  • Julia
  • Liberty
  • Lucilla
  • Marian
  • Maxine
  • Maxwell
  • Mica
  • Mihara
  • Miranda
  • N102
  • Neon
  • Noa
  • Prima
  • Product 08
  • Product 12
  • Product 23
  • Rapi
  • Scarlet
  • Signa
  • Soldier EG
  • Soldier FA
  • Soldier OW
  • Snow White
  • Sugar
  • Yuni

We'll have more Goddess of Victory Nikke guides here at FreeMMOStation.com. Remember to follow this page and check back often for Tower of Fantasy guides, Noah's Heart guides, and many more.

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