Guardians of Cloudia Codes | Free Redeem Code Rewards (March 2022)

Guardians of Cloudia Codes

Updated March 21, 2022 | Guardians of Cloudia (play free on PC now) is the latest game from Neocraft. If you have played the previous MMORPG from this team, you should notice some similarities, mainly the art style and the gameplay mechanics. I'm talking about Tales of Wind, a big hit that clearly steered the team into creating a new game based on the same template. With its global release in May 2021, Guardians of Cloudia is already getting very positive reviews and is shaping up to be another success for its creators. But before you dive into the colorful but dangerous City of Cloudia, you should definitely check our Guardians of Cloudia codes list to get some rewards. What do you say, Skywalker?

Guardians of Cloudia Redeem Codes List

Guardians of Cloudia Pack Codes List

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You start your adventure as a young and inexperienced Skywalker. Choosing from five classes (Archer, Mage, Oracle, Swordsman, and Rogue), you set into adventure with the companionship of a few pets. There's a deep PvE campaign, but you're going to unlock various PvP modes as well, more than you can wrap your head around at first.

But that's not the matter here, so let's begin with our Guardians of Cloudia codes list:

  • GOCBLUE22 (Bluestacks exclusive code) – redeem code for Outfit Voucher x2, Rune Essence x8888, Goldleaf x88888, Silverleaf x88888, Pet EXP x88888
  • VIP888
  • VIP666
  • GOCTREASURE (redeem for Sacred Windbell x1, 50,000 Goldleaf, 50,000 Silverleaf)
  • GOC777 (redeem for Sacred Windbell x10, 100,000 Goldleaf, 100,000 Silverleaf)

Guardians of Cloudia codes are not case sensitive, so you can input them without worrying about capital letters. Just make sure to double-check and confirm that you haven't made a mistake while entering the letters and numbers.

How to Redeem Your Guardians of Cloudia Pack Codes

Guardians of Cloudia Redeem Codes Wiki

Pack code redemption is very simple and quick to do. Take a moment to look at the screen above, which is where you must go to redeem your Guardians of Cloudia gift codes. Usually there are two or three different ways to receive your rewards depending on the coupon codes system, so let's see how to claim your freebies this time.

  • Launch Guardians of Cloudia and create a character
  • Play the tutorial until the Benefits icon appears
  • Tap Benefits next to the map on the right side of the screen
  • Select the Redeem Codes tab
  • Enter your code in the Pack Code Redemption box
  • Tap Exchange

There you go, the rewards will be added into your account straight away. As you could see, this time it wasn't a question of going into the Settings, neither did you have to tap your profile picture in the upper left corner. It always pays off to read the instructions in order to avoid wasting time, grabbing those rewards and discovering the adventure right away.

Download Guardians of Cloudia for free from the Play Store and App Store.

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