Guardians of Cloudia Scholar Quiz Answers Guide

Guardians of Cloudia Scholar Quiz Answers Guide

Every fan of trivia will feel right at home with Guardians of Cloudia, the latest MMORPG from Neocraft. The makers of Tales of Wind released their game worldwide in May 2021, offering more of the same thrills for players who love playing anime MMOs on mobile devices. Among the many events, there's one particular trial that will show your brain skills or lack thereof. Since we don't want you to fail at this test, we've created this Guardians of Cloudia Scholar quiz answers guide so that you excel at this limited time event.

Guardians of Cloudia Scholar Qualifier Quiz Answers and Solutions

Guardians of Cloudia Scholar Qualifier Quiz Answers and Solutions

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In the tradition of other trivia events seen in games such as Dragon Raja and Stella Arcana, the Guardians of Cloudia quiz will ask you to get a few questions right to claim a reward. In case you get seven or more questions right in this Guardians of Cloudia Scholar Qualifier quiz, you earn a valuable chest.

Every Sunday at 8 PM, a new quiz opens for the most skilled Skywalkers. Called Maester Contest, it will give you even more rewards. Besides, there's a twist: the faster you answer, the more points you get, so don't waste any time.

Below you will find the questions and solutions for the Scholar test and also the Maester Contest. This list isn't exhaustive, but we'll add more and more questions and the right answers as we discover them in the game. For improved comfort, use your browser's search function (CTRL+F) to quickly find the question that you are looking for.

Q: Which of these people once ruled Norway?
A: Vikings

Q: What is the particle that holds the nucleus together?
A: Mesons

Q: Heavy water is…
A: Deuterium Oxide

Q: In a quarter-mile race, which animal can be expected to win?
A: Antelope

Q: OS computer abbreviation usually means?
A: Operating System

Q: What is XLII in Arabic Numerals?
A: 42

Q: What day is the world without tobacco?
A: May 31st

Q: Who directed the 1933 film King Kong?
A: Merian C. Cooper

Q: In which decade was the telephone invented?
A: 1870s

Q: Which academic journal named for its subject of study, one of the most cited in the world, was founded by Thomas Edison in 1880?
A: Science

Q: Which of the following films has won 9 Oscar Awards in 1987?
A: The Last Emperor

Q: Where was The Sound of Music set?
A: Austria

Q: Where is Mount Rushmore?
A: South Dakota

Q: Which of the following European building has the Golden ratio with its dimension?
A: Parthenon

Q: The value of e = 2.71828… is also known as…
A: Sodium Glutamate

Q: How many words are in the Gettysburg address?
A: 273

Q: What invention caused many deaths while testing it?
A: Parachute

Q: What does a philatelist collect?
A: Stamps

Q: In which country is the castle that gives the Habsburg dynasty its name?
A: Switzerland

Q: Where is Saint Peter's Basilica located?
A: 62 (???)

Q: The great Victoria Desert is located in…
A: Australia

Q: Which of these people ruled over ancient Mexico?
A: Aztecs

Q: Which of these American colonies was founded as a penal colony?
A: Georgia

Q: Where is the headquarters of Intel located?
A: Santa Clara, CA

Q: Which company filed for bankruptcy in 2001 after a scandal involving fraud and insider trading was exposed?
A: Enron Corporation

Q: Which of the following is used as a lubricant?
A: Graphite

Q: The metal that is used as a catalyst in the hydrogenation of oils is…
A: Ni

Q: The most abundant rare gas in the atmosphere is…
A: Ar

Q: What is the traditional gift for a 40th wedding anniversary?
A: Ruby

Q: On a rainy day, small oil films on water show brilliant colors. This is due to…
A: Interference

Q: Which author of The Deerslayer was well known for his Leatherstocking Tales?
A: James Fenimore Cooper

Q: Light from the sun reaches us in nearly…
A: 8 minutes

Q: Nuclear sizes are expressed in a unit named…
A: Fermi

Q: A system of notation that uses the base 3 instead of base 10 is called…
A: Ternery

Q: Which consists of two plates separated by a dielectric and can store a charge?
A: Capacitor

Q: When is the World Population Day observed?
A: July 11

Q: In which country does the National Television System Committee of the United States apply?
A: Japan

Q: What country was Vasco da Gama?
A: Portugal

Q: Which of the following options is the most known number in the world?
A: Googolplex

Q: What is the capital of West Virginia?
A: Charleston

Q: The sound waves in the air are…
A: Longitudinal

Q: Who invented the ballpoint pen?
A: Brothers Biro

Q: The common element to all acids is…
A: Letter D (Abandoned)

Q: Who originated the phrase “In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes”?
A: Benjamin Franklin

Q: In which ocean did the Titanic sink after colliding with an iceberg in 1912?
A: Atlantic Ocean

Q: What is the capital of Spain?
A: Madrid

Q: Where was the UN headquarters located prior to them moving to Manhattan's East Side?
A: Long Island, New York

Q: The first metal used by man was…
A: Copper

Q: The element common to all acids is…
A: Hydrogen

Q: What furniture item was invented by California furniture designer Charles Prior Hall in 1968?
A: Waterbed

Q: On the nation formerly known as Ceylon, Tamil separatists have been conducting attacks against the Sinhalese majority. What is the name of the country?
A: Sri Lanka

Q: If you wanted to become a Knight it was a long task. What did you have to become first?
A: Page

Q: The Nobel Prize was first awarded in…
A: 1901

Q: The Noble peace prize is awarded in which city?
A: Oslo

Q: Who established the Pulitzer Prize for journalism?
A: Joseph Pulitzer

Q: In what year was the Pulitzer Prize?
A: 1917

Q: Which American inventor had a deaf mother, married a deaf wife, and taught deaf-mute children?
A: Bell

Q: The Cannes Award is given for excellence in which field?
A: Films

Q: Through what country did Lady Godiva ride?
A: An Englishman

Q: What are Kirin, Sapporo, Asahi, and Suntory?
A: Bear brands

Q: The largest production of mica in Asia is from…
A: India

Q: The largest part of our hydrosphere is…
A: Pacific Ocean

Q: The largest gulf in the world is…
A: Gulf of Mexico

Q: The gas usually filled in the electric bulb is…
A: Nitrogen

Q: What can be gained from defeating the devils summoned by Devil Boxes?
A: Pet Emblem

Q: Character EXP can be gained through which of the following means?
A: Sky Tower

Q: What is the nickname of Ore Sprite?
A: Guchy

Q: What can be redeemed into items in the Arena Shop?
A: Arena Points and Prestige

Q: Nimbushrooms can be gained through which of the following means?
A: Treasure Hunt

Q: How to increase Hero Prestige?
A: Complete Hero Quests

Q: Which of the following cannot be sent to world chat?
A: Selfies

Q: What fairy pet does the Academy's grand elder keep?
A: Hammer Sprite

Q: Which of the following pets can grant their master Invincible Shield?
A: Diamond Dragon

Q: Which of the following pets can cure their master of debuffs?
A: Spirit of Nature

Q: Which of the following mascots can freeze all targets in a designated area?
A: Whitening White

Q: Which of the following cannot be done through Pet Recycle?
A: Resetting pet star levels

Q: Which of the following pets can restore a large amount of HP to their master?
A: Sweet Fur

Q: Which of the following pets can grant their master DMG Reflect Shield?
A: Monolith

Q: A pet array cannot be used to do which of the following?
A: Increase the character's skill points

Q: Which of the following actions does not grant Skill Points?
A: Clearing Sky Tower

Q: Redefining a combination of skills consumes which of the following items?
A: Do not consume anything

Q: What day of the week does the Star Moon Battlefield take place?
A: Friday

Q: At what time on Tue and Thu does the League take place?
A: 20:30

Q: At what time does the Guild Banquet take place every day?
A: 19:30

Q: What organization hosts Maester Contest?
A: Academy

Q: Who is the crush of the tavern owner?
A: Thorne

Q: Who is the hard-working woodcutter in Fisherman's Cove?
A: Nardo

Q: What rewards can be earned through rare Tavern Bounty quests?
A: Sacred Windbell

Q: Which of the following event grants runes?
A: Sky Tower

Q: What reward can be obtained completing benefits of red rune?
A: A red rune of your choice

Q: What are Sacred Windbells for?
A: Summoning pets

Q: Where can gear set abilities and Special Skills be transferred to?
A: Gear for the same body part and of the same…

Q: What is the name of the no. 3 blue chicken in Run! Chicken!?
A: Rice

Q: Who is the chief of Leavesfall?
A: Yevgeny

Q: What time Run! Chicken! does it happen normally?
A: 12:25

Q: Who is the head of the semi-human in the wild land?
A: Neo Durance

Q: So the surplus EXP of a character can be rescued?
A: Skill points

Q: What is the purpose of a Basic Mascot Replacement?
A: Replace a mascot with another of the same type

Q: What is the full name of the Holy Temple's archbishop?
A: Vesemir

Q: Who is the crush of Kaka from Green Windmill?
A: Vivian

Q: What is Arcanite King's beloved pet dog called?
A: Spike

Q: Who is the grand elder of the Academy and also the most cultured person of the continent?
A: Endymion

Q: Who is the uncle of Vivian from Green Windmill?
A: Bart

Q: How to increase rank level?
A: Reach rank targets

Q: Up to how many times a day can Scholar Qualifier be played?
A: 1

Q: At what interval does Black Market refresh?
A: 2 hours

Q: What is Fuzzy's favorite habitat?
A: Green Windmill

If you have a new question and respective answer to add, leave it in the comments and we'll put it into this list. The contributor will be given credit in this post.

Thanks to Wal for contributing to this list.


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