Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict MILICO Exchange Unlock Guide

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict MILICO Exchange Unlock Guide

MILICO is the blockchain interchangeable asset that can be exchanged for real money in Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict, the strategy wargame from Joycity. Just as it happens with Mir4 and Draco, you can trade an in-game resource called Titanium for a virtual asset that you may use to upgrade your account or trade for real money. But it's easier said than done, since there's a barrier before any player is able to withdraw MILICO. In this short Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict MILICO exchange unlock guide we're going to tell you how to farm Titanium and when you are free to exchange it for MILICO.

How to Farm Titanium in Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict?

Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict MILICO Exchange Unlock Guide

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Farming Titanium is the sole way for you to earn MILICO in Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict. Titanium can be used to upgrade your base's buildings, ships, and jets, and the amount that each one of these requires becomes increasingly higher as your Headquarters level increases.

You can farm Titanium from the islands that are available in the sea map. You must search for these islands using the game's search function, represented by the magnifying glass, and then send a group of ships to collect Titanium. With that being said, it's recommended to farm Titanium from a city Titanium island, of which there are usually four in each city. The higher the level of the island, the more Titanium you can farm, but there are only 25 farming spots in each island.

But since the main cities can be occupied by an alliance, farming Titanium isn't always a smooth process. You may be attacked by another player while farming and you either defend yourself successfully or are forced to leave the spot.

It's recommended to go with a nice compromise between strong ships and large storage, because you'll want to farm a nice amount of Titanium in the safety of knowing that no one will try to attack you for your spot.

When Can You Exchange MILICO in Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict?

To exchange your hard-earned Titanium for MILICO you must fight your way to Headquarters level 18 and Trade Warehouse level 18. It's in the latter that you unlock the MILICO Facility, where you can exchange Titanium for MILICO and vice-versa.

To do this you must download and install the Wemix Wallet, which is used for Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict and other play-to-earn games and respective currencies. There is a fluctuating tax fee for every MILICO coin that you create, so keep this in mind when you want to use the exchange.

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