Honor of Heirs Special Quiz Answers Guide

Honor of Heirs Special Quiz Answers Guide

Honor of Heirs is the new MMORPG from X-Legend Entertainment, makers of acclaimed games such as Aura Kingdom and Dragomon Hunter. This time they are ditching the anime style in favor of classic fantasy looks, and even include blockchain elements into the game. This means that it is a play-to-earn MMO and the more devoted players may earn some real money from it. One of the ways to advance your character is through the daily trivia event, where the first players to answer correctly earn the best rewards. So, our Honor of Heirs Special Quiz answers guide should help you in this task.

Honor of Heirs Special Quiz Answers Guide

Honor of Heirs Special Quiz Answers Guide

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This Honor of Heirs Special Quiz answers guide is a work-in-progress, which means that we plan to expand on it as we discover more questions and answers.

The way that this Honor of Heirs trivia works is easy. At a specific time, the World Chat opens to this special quiz and 10 questions will pop up, one at a time. For each question you are given four options, each one with a number assigned (1, 2, 3, and 4). Your task is to make your guess and type the number in the chat.

The issue here is that you can try several times, so if you fail at first, type another number, and so on. This is a system that feels unfair and leads to cheating, so it's advised to memorize some of the answers below and try to get it right as fast as possible.

Q: Who is known as the “King of Rock and Roll?”
A: Elvis Presley

Q: How many seconds in a day?
A: 86400

Q: The strait between the Indian and the Pacific oceans?
A: Malacca

Q: The tallest building in the US?
A: One World Trade Center

Q: What is the toothiest animal on Earth?
A: Snail

Q: What is the name of Simba and Nala's daughter?
A: Kiara

Q: Which ocean are the Hawaii situated in?
A: Pacific

Q: Who originally wrote and originally recorded the song “I will always love you?”
A: Dolly Parton

Q: The hardest mineral?
A: Diamond

Q: The river with the largest basin?
A: Amazon

If you want to contribute to this wiki with questions that aren't yet listed, feel free to drop a comment below and we'll add it here, giving you credit in this post  for your contribution.

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