How to Avoid Spike Traps in Brown Dust 2

How to Avoid Spike Traps in Brown Dust 2

By the time you reach the Sharpshooter of the Mist chapter in Brown Dust 2, also known as Mint Man, you will be venturing into the damp sewers. Dark and gloomy, these unsafe locations come with plenty of perils, including spike traps that take a fair share of your health. All things considered, it's best not to run blindly and save that health. In this guide we'll show you how to avoid spike traps in Brown Dust 2.

How Can You Avoid Spike Traps in Brown Dust 2?

How to Avoid Spike Traps in Brown Dust 2

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Let's face it, spikes are bad for your health. The BrownDust2 team of adventurers also knows that, so unless you want to try the same challenge over and over, it's best not to let those spikes hit you. But how do you see where they are coming from, if they only trigger when you try your luck and run over the platforms?

Thankfully, there is a straightforward way to play it safe. For this, you have Gray in your team. He's the one with a special ability that shows where the spikes are coming from, giving you the comfort of choosing the safe grates.

Whenever faced with a succession of spike traps, such as in the sewer level, all you must do is activate Gray's detect danger ability. This will show the exact location of all spikes nearby, allowing you and the rest of your party to safely manage across the area.

Remember that characters in Brown Dust 2 have special abilities that are extremely useful, from cooking to reviving, crafting, searching, and more. It's up to you to use them to their best.

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