How to Play Tales of Luminaria on PC?

How to Play Tales of Luminaria PC

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is finally here with the Tales of Luminaria, and there were so many moving stories on it along with many characters throughout the history of 25 years. This game keeps the inspiration of the “That encounter changed the world” series, but it came as a new work. New experiences and attempts are here as new work, and all the new users and series are known gamers.

How to Play Tales of Luminaria on PC

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment initially planned the game, and Colopl developed it with the character designer Shun Saeki. Tales of Luminaria is centered on 21 protagonists, and they are clashing over justice, forging bonds, and growing people. Players have to follow up with their perspectives and reveal the real truth behind this world. The truth has to be revealed when fate is entwining.

This game was released in Japan on the 3rd of November 2021. And now it has an English version on the 4th of November. So what are the things we know about this game? These are the details on you.

About Tales of Luminaria

Tales of Luminaria features a story that will be fully voiced. Here, players can learn more about the 21 protagonists that the game holds, and this learning can be done through daily conversations. And also, engaging with those protagonists’ interactions will also help players learn throughout and end of the battle.

There are action-filled battles here to tap and flick, and characters hold multiple battling styles like sniping bows and arrows or wielding swords. There is a real-time RPG experience to enjoy through the game. The players must manually manipulate their characters to deal with so many powerful bosses and the different dungeons.

There will be three main protagonists in the game among all those 21 protagonists, and those are named as follows.

Leo Fourcade

This is a young man who has a passionate style, and he is dedicated to the noble ideals his grandmother teaches. This young man is entering the knight academy with his friends called Hugo and Celia. He wants to defeat the Empire who made the destruction of his hometown. And for that, he is joining a Blaze and improving his skills with his companions.

Celia Arvier

Celia is the childhood friend of Hugo and Leo, and she is entering the knight academy with those two. She is joining the Blaze rank. Celia is known to be a natural caretaker, and every time she keeps close eyes on her all friends. But an incident that happened caused a huge distance from her friends.

Hugo Simon

And here is another friend of Celia and Leo from their childhood. He had some increasing yet distrustful for the federation on his activities while he was a Blaze member. And those were faded once a meeting happened with August, and it lured him to turn on Imperial side.

How you can Play Tales of Luminaria on PC to Get a Better Gaming Experience?

Tales of Luminaria coming to the gaming world as a mobile game, so you can’t play it on another device without having extra support. The first question that arises here is, if the game is a mobile game, why would we need to play it on a PC? The answer is simple. You can’t access some advanced features on a mobile device while gaming, and most importantly, if you play it on a PC, you can have a wider screen and a mouse and keyboard to handle the game very quickly.

So as we said, you can’t normally download the game and just play it on a laptop or a PC. You will have to use an emulator. So what is this called emulator? An emulator is a kind of software and it is allowing its users to run mobile apps on their PC. Simply, it creates a separate android system on your PC and makes it easier for you to play a game or run any mobile app on a PC.

So when we are talking about emulators, there are a number of them like LDPlayer, AndY, Bluestacks and Nox player, etc. We recommend you to use LDPlayer here as it is very efficient than others. We will get into that part later in this post.

How to Play Tales of Luminaria on PC with LDPlayer?

There are several steps to download the game and play it on your PC to improve your gaming experience. They are as follows.

  • Step 1 is to download the emulator. Always make sure to download this emulator called LDPlayer from its official website, and after the download, take an installation of it onto your desktop.
  • Secondly, open the emulator and search your game name Tales of Luminaria on its store. LDPlayer holds a separate store with games, and it is called as LD Store. You have to search the game in there.
  • Install the game Tales of Luminaria via your android emulator LDPlayer.
  • Enjoy the gaming.

Why Choose LDPlayer?

There are so many reasons to choose LDPlayer over other emulators in the market, as those reasons can be listed as follows.

  • LDPlayer is free.
  • It gives you two options to run on the PC, whether you are a 64-bit
    operator or a 32-bit operator.
  • Has multiple language support to offer to its users.
  • Users can share their files.
  • Fully and well-developed Android experience.
  • Multiple instance playing options.
  • Flexibility to adjust with our current settings of the PC.
  • Scriptwriting support.
  • Keyboard and mouse support to replace the mobile touch screen
  • Allow gamers to create their own key sets to control with the game
  • Trusted by millions of people
  • Virtualization technology facilities
  • Full graphic driver performance


So what do you waiting for? It is time to grab a chance on playing Tales on Luminaria on your PC, and LDPlayer is the best and fastest solution for you to have a marvelous gaming experience than a mobile. Enjoy your best gaming experience with LDPlayer, and it is your chance to feel adventurous real-time gameplay with added advanced features.

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