How to Reroll in World Flipper for Best Characters

How to Reroll in World Flipper for Best Characters

There are many characters in World Flipper for you to summon and upgrade. Our World Flipper tier list guide will show you who to shoot for, and you'll want to know how to reroll in World Flipper to get the best characters right off the bat. This World Flipper global reroll guide is going to show you a reliable way to do so.

How to Reroll in World Flipper Guide

How to Reroll in World Flipper for Best Characters

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There are several ways to reroll in World Flipper, but sadly the most intuitive one was removed from the global version. This method allowed you to push a button and reroll in a couple of minutes, but that's out of the picture here. You can also fiddle around with your phone's root folder to delete some files, but that's not very intuitive.

So, we'll go for the most common way of rerolling in mobile games, which is to have a bunch of throwaway Facebook or Google email accounts ready for the process. If you're used to playing mobile games, this is probably something you have already, so it won't cost you a great deal of time.

Here's how to reroll in World Flipper global version:

  • Tap to start on the main screen
  • Choose Guest Login
  • Skip the tutorial
  • Claim your pre-registration rewards from the in-game mailbox
  • Use your free Lodestone Beads to pull all the times you can
  • If you're happy, just bind your account
  • If you want to reroll, go back to the main menu and log in with a different email

As you can see, this is the good old reliable way of doing a few rerolls until you get some of the top tier World Flipper units such as Vyron, Razelt or Silty (sometimes known as Celtie). Razelt in particular seems to be one unit that many players are getting, and he is definitely recommended for any party.

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