Is There Auto Play in Noah’s Heart? Auto Questing and Combat Explained

Is There Auto Play in Noah's Heart

One of the most controversial features in MMOs ever is the existence of auto-play. The thought of the option alone is more than enough to make some players abandon a game entirely, while others like to have it for some AFK goodness – being busy with everyday work and chores, this feature is a godsend for those who don't have time to level up in front of the screen for most hours in a day. Noah's Heart is the newest MMORPG from Archosaur Games, makers of the acclaimed Dragon Raja, a game that incidentally did include auto-play features both for questing and combat. So, is there auto play in Noah's Heart, or do you have to explore the massive spherical world of Noah entirely by hand?

Does Noah's Heart Have Auto Play?

Does Noah's Heart Have Auto Play

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The short answer is yes, Noah's Heart does have auto-play. There are some options in the game designed to save you time in determined events, something that is surely going to be divisive. The system is similar to Dragon Raja, where you can click on the quest to make your character go to the required location… whenever that is possible.

Sometimes you don't have the luxury of knowing the exact location of your next objective. This is particularly true for Encounters, the Adventure events that you must unlock by deciphering and fulfilling some vague clues as you explore the world of Noah's Heart. Most of the time you have to resort to your wit to find an object or NPC, which means that auto-play isn't going to help you here. The same can be said for the Matrixium riddles, where it's mostly up to you to solve a puzzle by yourself.

Naturally, exploring the vast spherical open world of the game is something that isn't tailored for auto-play as well, so you have a lot to do by your own initiative.

As for combat, you have a button in the bottom area of the screen that enables combat assistance. You can use it for most open world missions and dungeons where you feel comfortable with your combat power, but know right away that this isn't going to help you dodge enemy attacks and beat the harder bosses, not to mention being useless in PvP.

So, Noah's Heart has auto-play in the same way as Dragon Raja did. This means that while you can use auto-questing in many occasions, it isn't going to help you when you get into the higher level part of the game, or when you need to use your brains to solve Encounters.

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