Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List | Best Konosuba Characters Guide

Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List Guide

Many anime fans are surely excited at the prospect of playing KonoSuba: Fantastic Days (play free on PC here). This adaptation of the acclaimed anime KonoSuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World was developed by Nexon targeting Android and iOS players, with a global launch on August 19, 2021. Described as an action RPG just as hundreds of other games are nowadays, we should call it a hero collector game to be more precise, since you’ll be recruiting characters from the anime and using them in battle. All the other aspects from similar games are present here, from leveling up and equipping them with gear, so it’s crucial to know who’s hot and who’s not here. Our Konosuba Fantastic Days tier list guide will be doing exactly that, so keep reading.

Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List and Reroll Guide

Konosuba Fantastic Days Tier List

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The first thing that you should know before assembling your party is that Konosuba Fantastic Days is an extremely reroll friendly game. If you want to know how to reroll in Konosuba Fantastic Days, just click that link and it will take you to the guide that you need.

Now it’s time for our Konosuba Fantastic Days tier list. We’ll leave a few notes before we start, the most important one being that the global version is obviously quite behind of the Japanese release in terms of characters and overall content. Here are the characters that are expected to be available in time for the global launch: Melissa, Iris, Chris, Megumin, Dust, Wiz, Arue, Yunyun, Rin, Aqua, Cielo, Amy, Mitsurugi, Darkness, Mia, Kazuma, and Cecily,

Each character may have a few variations – for example, there’s Megumin Nice Explosion, Megumin Pajama Party, and Megumin Believe in Explosion Magic. You can use the same characters in your party but not as lead characters, you can only use them as sub-units.

With that being said, let’s start our list of the best Konosuba Fantastic Days characters. We have ranked them in S, A, B, and C tiers, according to our judgment and also the feedback from the community, and some characters won’t be available in the global version at launch – refer to the list above. You will also find each character’s element and role type next to the name.

S Tier Characters in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

  • Melissa – Treasure Hunt | Dark | Attack (Physical)
  • Megumin – Nice Explosion | Fire | Attack (Magic)
  • Amy – The Happy Maid Experience | Wind | Support
  • Iris – Princess’ Day Off | Light | Attack (Physical)
  • Erika – Dancing Adventurer | Fire | Attack (Physical)
  • Erika – Axel Hearts | Thunder | Support
  • Cielo – Dancer Adventurer | Wind | Support
  • Cielo – Axel Hearts | Thunder | Support
  • Chris – Thief Flying Through the Air | Wind | Attack (Physical)
  • Chris – Burglar Maid | Fire | Attack (Physical)

A Tier Characters in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

  • Dust – Delinquent Adventurer | Thunder | Attack (Physical)
  • Dust – Protagonist of Snowy Mountain | Water | Attack (Physical)
  • Arue – Most Voluptuous Among the Crimson Demons | Dark | Attack (Magic)
  • Arue – Novelist and Capable Actor | Dark / Light | Attack (Magic)
  • Amy – Cheer Up | Earth | Support
  • Iris – First Time in a Casino | Thunder | Attack (Physical)
  • Kazuma – Small Theater Hero | Light | Attack (Physical)
  • Yunyun – Megumin’s Friend | Light | Attack (Magic)
  • Mitsurugi – Good Boy Dealer | Earth | Attack (Physical)
  • Mia – Boisterous New Maid | Wind / Earth | Attack (Physical)

B Tier Characters in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

  • Yunyun – Memories of the Magic Academy | Light / Water | Attack (Magic)
  • Wiz – Sound Asleep | Water / Dark | Attack (Magic)
  • Megumin – Pajama Party | Fire / Dark | Attack (Magic)
  • Megumin – Believe in Explosion Magic | Fire / Water | Attack (Magic)
  • Rin – Orthodox Sorcerer | Wind | Attack (Magic)
  • Mia – Mischevious Beast Girl | Earth | Attack (Physical)
  • Mitsurugi – Chosen Hero | Thunder | Attack (Physical)
  • Aqua – Nature’s Beauty | Water / Light | Attack (Physical)
  • Aqua – A Toast to the Capital of Water and Hotsprings | Light | Attack (Physical)
  • Wiz – Ice Witch | Water | Attack (Magic)
  • Cecily – Bunny Girl Propaganda | Earth | Support
  • Lia – Dancer Adventurer | Water | Tank

C Tier Characters in KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

  • Kazuma – Reincarnated Hikikomori | Water | Attack (Physical / Magic)
  • Darkness – Overflowing with Delight | None | Tank
  • Darkness – Get Out of the Hotsprings Before You Faint! | None | Tank
  • Cecily – Lover of Beautiful Girls | Light | Support
  • Rin – Sparkingly Snowy Landscape | Water / Wind | Attack (Magic)

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