Last Ultima Guild Quiz Answers Guide | Trivia Solutions List

Last Ultima Guild Quiz Answers

Do you want the best results in the Last Ultima trivia? Then you must check our Last Ultima Guild Quiz answers list (play free on PC here). The latest MMO from Neocraft, makers of popular games such as Guardians of Cloudia and Chronicle of Infinity offers a familiar fantasy setting with all the options one would expect from the genre, including events left and right. Keep reading and you'll find the Last Ultima guild feast trivia answers below.

Last Ultima Guild Quiz Answers List and Guide

Last Ultima Guild Quiz Answers

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The Last Ultima quiz is available daily in the guild feast, so you must pay close attention to the starting times in your events. It only lasts a few minutes, don't miss out on the XP you earn from the cooking feast and the quiz that comes right after.

The quiz consists of 15 multiple choice questions – you and your guildmates have a few seconds to pick one option out of four, and if someone gets it right, everyone gets rewards. With the list below, which is a work in progress, you won't fail many questions and you can maximize your earnings.

And now, here are the Last Ultima Guild Quiz Answers:

Q: What was the real name of the first Robin?
A: Dick Grayson (answer A)

Q: From which mountain range does the Amazon River originate?
A: Andes (answer D)

Q: In the Middle Ages, if you wanted to be a knight, what should you become first?
A: Learned Knight (answer D)

Q: Who did Hera trick to make Eurystheus finally king?
A: Zeus (answer C)

Q: What is the name of the nephew that helped Hercules in the battle against Hydra?
A: Iolaus (answer B)

Q: Which of the following works was not directed by Hayao Miyazaki?
A: Inception (answer D)

Q: Which of the following Disney animations is considered very similar to a Japanese series?
A: The Lion King (answer D)

Q: Who is the father of the Amazons?
A: Ares (answer A)

Q: Which of the following actors did not appear in the 1989 film Family Business?
A: Tom Cruise (answer C)

Q: In Xingfang Wuxia, what is Linglu's title?
A: Dusk (answer C)

Q: Which of the following animations is not included in the Battlestar animated series?
A: Mobile Suit Gundam (answer B)

Q: Who won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature but didn't go to accept it?
A: Bob Dylan (answer B)

Q: In which city is St. Patrick's Cathedral located?
A: Rome (answer D)

Q: Tetraethyllead is used as:
A: Gasoline additives (answer A)

Q: Who in Greek mythology holds the earth on his shoulders?
A: Atlas (answer C)

Q: How many states is Brazil divided into?
A: 26 (answer D)

Q: The famous “Lotus” sports car is a well-known brand in which country?
A: British (answer A)

Q: Who directed the 1933 version of King Kong?
A: Merian C. Cooper (answer C)

Q: China's first historical prose that records a person's words and deeds?
A: Yanzi Chunqiu (answer A)

Q: Who voices Shan in the English version of “Princess Mononoke”?
A: Claire Danes (answer A)

Q: How many words are there in the Gettysburg address?
A: 273 (answer A)

Q: Which country did Lady Godiva ride through?
A: England (answer A)

Q: Batman's biggest rival?
A: The Clown (answer C)

Q: When were jeans invented?
A: 1850s (answer B)

Q: How many strings does a violin usually have?
A: 4 (answer A)

If you have other Last Ultima Guild Quiz answers that are not yet listed, feel free to leave them in the comments and we'll add them here, giving you credit for your contribution.

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