Legend of Ymir Release Date | When is the Next Wemade MMORPG Launching?

Legend of Ymir Release Date

South Korean company Wemade has a long story in gaming, mostly MMOs, with Mir being its flagship series. The release of Mir4 in 2021 brought the franchise into a stunning 3D world and the introduction of criptocurrency and NFT technology seemed to have a positive effect on the player base. Despite it being plagued by bots, Mir4 was a resounding success and making it available both on PC and mobile with cross-platform and cross-play support was another proof that this studio is at the top of its game. Naturally, everyone is paying attention to Wemade's next move and that includes Legend of YMIR. One of the most pressing questions concerns the Legend of YMIR release date. Let's investigate.

What is the Legend of Ymir Release Date?

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At the time when the first trailer – or tech demo, to be more specific – was revealed by early January 2022, the official Legend of YMIR release date was a mere “coming in near future.” That can mean a lot of things, and so the developers remained tight-lipped on the launch schedule. Seeing that only one character and a luxurious hall were revealed, the game seems to be in a very early development stage. 

Based on what we know from Mir4 and our experience in the industry, we would expect the Legend of YMIR release date to take place during 2024. Developing an MMORPG is a very demanding endeavor, especially when the expectations are even bigger than before, thanks to the acclaim that Mir 4 is getting all over the world.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Legend of YMIR is coming to PC and mobile in a global build, which means that you get to pick your platform right at the time of launch.

Legend of Ymir is described as a reinterpretation of Mir4 with a Northern European inspiration, with the Nordic setting as the main reference, but still having a strong fantasy focus. It would be stretching it a bit to call YMIR  a Mir4 sequel or spin-off, but it's definitely built on the same mechanics that led to the success of Mir 4. Created using Unreal Engine 5, the graphical quality is expected to hugely improve on Mir4, a game that already looks great in some aspects.

One of the aspects that pushed Mir4 to the forefront of next-generation MMOs will be present in Legend of Ymir as well. We're talking about NFT (non-fungible tokens), a technology that is very divisive and seen by many as something that has no place in games. Others consider it the future of gaming and can't wait to see more games adopting this feature.

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