Lost Ark Pre-Download Times and Server Reset Times Guide

Lost Ark Pre-Download Times and Server Reset Times Guide

Amazon Games has revealed the Lost Ark pre-download times so that you can prepare yourself for the official release coming February 11, 2022 (at 9 AM Pacific (5PM UTC). This will allow you to pre-download Lost Ark whether or not you have purchased a Founder's Pack. Since we're counting on a hefty download, it is recommended to do it in advance.

Lost Ark Pre-Download Times

Lost Ark Pre-Download Times and Server Reset Times Guide

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The Lost Ark pre-download starts on February 7, 2022 at 9AM Pacific time (5PM UTC). However, this doesn't mean that you can reserve your in-game name, since this will only happen when you are able to enter the character creation screen and customize your character until the end of the process.

Players who have purchased a Lost Ark Founder's Pack earned the right to a three-day head start. Beginning on February 8, 2022 at 9AM Pacific (5PM UTC), this allows them to enter and explore the world of Arkesia before free-to-play players.

Lost Ark Server Reset Times

As for the Lost Ark server reset times, which are crucial for many in-game events such as daily and weekly missions, boss refreshes and more, we also have the info. Server resets will function according to region and are going to take place at 1AM or 2AM, depending on whether Daylight Saving Time is operating or not.

  • US West UTC-7
  • US East UTC-4
  • EU Central UTC+1
  • SA East UTC-3

As an example, “a dungeon meant to open at 7PM on server time (UTC) will be open for US West 7 hours later to make it more playable/accessible for US West players. The same goes for every region using the timings listed above.” The in-game UI is going to display the game's server time, not the local machine time.

Lost Ark will launch with nine servers in Europe, seven in US East, three in US West, and two in South America.

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