Lost Ark Stronghold Crew Guide | How to Recruit More Crew Members

Lost Ark Stronghold Crew Guide

Lost Ark is a game that starts as a simple adventure, but ultimately unlocks several features and systems that make it a complex experience and a proper MMORPG, for those who still had any doubts. Strongholds are one of those systems that expand on the possibilities. This is the player housing in Lost Ark, a city-building variant of sorts where you get to upgrade buildings, recruit crew members and above all, earn many great rewards. Sending your sailors in dispatch missions is one of the best options to retrieve rewards and this Lost Ark stronghold crew guide will show you how to raise the number of crew members.

Lost Ark Stronghold Crew Guide | How to Recruit More Sailors

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If you want to know how to get more crew members for dispatch missions in Lost Ark, you are not alone. These sailors can be recruited in your stronghold, when you unlock it around level 25 of the story by completing the Luterra Castle storyline. Dispatch missions are passive quests that require some time to be completed without any intervention from you – just choose a mission, fulfill the requirements, and wait for the required completion time. The missions keep going even if you log off the game.

Having a large number of crew members is important, because these are crucial for dispatch missions and their rating affects the outcome of the quest. One of the best ways to recruit more sailors is by checking the Visiting Merchants that arrive in your stronghold.

How to Find Visiting Merchants in Lost Ark

A great way to earn more crew members is through Visiting Merchants in your stronghold. These merchants arrive from time to time and will stick around for a few hours. You can see when they have arrived by inspecting the button that pops up on top of the screen, like the one shown above. This warning also includes the time left for them to leave the stronghold.

The items that each Visiting Merchant brings are randomized, which means that it's not guaranteed that they bring a Stronghold Crew Application Form. But if they do, it's advised to snag these up as they will become important for you in the future.

How to Earn Crew Members Through Other Means

Lost Ark How to get crew members

Mokoko seeds are these hidden collectibles that you are surely aware of since your arrival in Prideholme. Sometimes clearly visible, other times hidden through fourth wall breaking shenanigans, Mokoko seeds can ultimately be traded for sailors by the time that you unlock the sailing islands.

You can also recruit more sailors through the rapport system as you increase your reputation with some NPCs. For example, Cals and Blackfang are two sailors that you should absolutely focus on, as they are great additions to your crew.

One final tip is that you keep upgrading your dispatch station as this will allow you to send more ships and bring more rewards.

We hope this Lost Ark stronghold crew guide showed you how to get crew members for the dispatch missions. Here's hoping you get those great epic tier sailors.

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