Mir 4 Darksteel Mining Guide | Best Locations to Mine Darksteel

Mir 4 Darksteel Mining Guide | Best Locations to Mine Darksteel

Darksteel is the resource of the moment in Mir 4 (play free here), Wemade's latest MMORPG that supports cryptocurrency and NFT exchange. This material can be farmed in-game and used to enhance your character and craft new equipment, but also to trade for Draco, a digital coin, and exchanged for real world money. Obviously, many players are going crazy at the prospect of finding the best ways to mine Darksteel and receive a nice daily extra income by playing Mir 4. This Mir 4 Darksteel mining guide will tell you the best locations to mine Darksteel and get the best of both worlds.

Mir 4 Darksteel Mining Guide | Best Locations to Mine

Mir 4 Darksteel Mining Guide | Best Locations to Mine

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Getting your first Darksteel isn't a difficult task, but it's a slow one. You earn it from completing some missions, eventually adding up to a nice little total over time. However, getting to your first 100K Darksteel takes a bit more time. Wouldn't it be great if you could just find a nice little spot where to mine tons of Darksteel?

So, if like many other players you're wondering how to mine more of this precious purple resource, here is the best location to mine Darksteel. Make sure that you use it and abuse it every day, as it will boost your amount greatly.

Around level 24 you unlock a new area that you can only access via the game interface. You go to Portal and then choose Magic Square, but initially you're limited to two tickets per day, so make good use of your time. You can grind for 30 minutes each turn, although there is the option to recharge the time.

The Magic Square is a labyrinth of rooms providing different kinds of challenges and loot. Each five seconds you can teleport into another room, but your destination is random, so you never know what you're getting into. It could be an experience room, a gold room, or a gathering room, among many others. But the best one is by far the Darksteel chamber, where big rocks of Darksteel await to be mined.

As you surely know by now, you can't mine a pile of Darksteel that another player is already mining. You must go for the biggest pile, something that translates into bigger amounts of Darksteel that you mine each time the bar fills up.

However, the Darksteel chamber can quickly turn from peaceful miners into chaotic player versus player. Beware for player killers, as this area has no restrictions on player versus player combat, and this occasionally happens because some greedy players want the bigger piles of Darksteel for them alone. If you're not on a level that you can take on the competition, it's no shame to run away and look for another pile of Darksteel to mine, even if it's a smaller pile. The toughest part is to reach this room and stay in there mining for the most time that you can.

As far as best locations to mine Darksteel go, the Magic Square can't be beaten. A few days mining in the Darksteel chamber should give you a nice boost. As you level up and unlock more Magic Square floors, the rewards also improve, along with the competition. Just remember to keep checking back for a regular dose of Darksteel.

Darksteel mining Bicheon Valley 1F

There's another great Darksteel mining location in Mir 4. You can find this on Bicheon Valley 1F, near the bottom right area of the map. There are many Darksteel piles waiting to be mined, but this also means that there are many players looking for the available locations. Some won't hesitate to start a fight, since this area has PK enabled.

If you prefer to lay low, you can investigate the map a bit further from the main Darksteel mining location. There are isolated piles of the resource scattered in this map, so you may be lucky to find one that isn't taken yet, and peacefully mine it away from the greedy eyes of other players.

For players feeling brave and more confident in their character level and combat rating, they can venture deeper into Bicheon Valley 2F, Bicheon Valley 3F, and Bicheon Valley 4F, great places to mine Darksteel. These regions are filled with Darksteel of higher rarity, but the fight for each pile is also more intense. Go with care, and you may reap some interesting rewards.

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