MU Origin 3 Empire Instructor Trivia Answers Guide

MU Origin 3 Empire Instructor Trivia Answers

The Empire Instructor quiz is one of the many events in MU Origin 3. The global version released in 2022 and comes with many PvE and PvP challenges, some of them testing your knowledge of the game, like this one. Unlike the Alliance Trivia, where you are mostly tested regarding anime series such as Naruto, One Piece or Detective Conan, for some reason. Still, it's always great to nab that perfect score and extra EXP, and that is why we have created this MU Origin 3 Empire Instructor trivia answers guide.

MU Origin 3 Empire Instructor Trivia Answers

MU Origin 3 Empire Instructor Trivia Answers

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After the first Class Transfer and climbing a few more levels, you unlock this event called Empire Instructor. Every day you get to test your knowledge in various questions about MU Origin 3 global and earn EXP and gold per question. You have 10 multiple choice questions each day, with four options shown to you. Pick the correct answer and the outcome will be the best.

If you correctly guess eight answers out of ten you get an extra reward, so it's worth doing your best. Or checking the Empire Instructor trivia solutions below, because we are here to help. Remember to use CTRL + F to find your question quickly.

Q: How many attribute points can you receive after leveling up?
A: 5

Q: How many Active Skills can you allocate to the Battle Panel in the Main Interface?
A: 5

Q: Which reward cannot be obtained from Crystal Realm?
A: Life Crystals

Q: What items needs to be consumed for Wings?
A: All of the above

Q: Who is the Commander of the Imperial Army?
A: Musa

Q: Under what circumstance will the Companion Empowering effect be active?
A: Set the Guardian

Q: What should you do when your level is stuck?
A: Open the activity in the right corner

Q: What's the special reward for Demon Plaza?
A: Life Crystal

Q: What is the main gameplay that produce life Crystals?
A: Demon Plaza

Q: Which one of these is not a way to obtain [Blue Diamonds]?
A: Donate Equipment

Q: Apart from receiving attributes from rank promotion, what is the other benefit?
A: Promote rank icon

Q: What is the total DMG to boss lost after you have been killed during Boss Invasion by other players?
A: 20%

Q: What is needed to activate Artifact?
A: Artifact Components

Q: What is the requirement to Improve Quality of Artifact?
A: Improve Quality of All Components

Q: Which one of these is not an effect brought by Elemental Gems?
A: Skill Ultimate

Q: After reaching Complete Lv. 100, how can you receive “Wings”?
A: Go to Class Transfer

Q: After reaching 2 Transfer Lv. 100, how can you activate “Companion System”?
A: Go to Class Transfer

Q: What needs to be consumed for wings evolution?
A: Locke's spark

Q: How many times can Boss Invasion be participated in each day?
A: 5

Q: Wings Plume can provide powerful skills, how can you obtain it?
A: All of above

Q: How many titles can be activated at the same time?
A: 10

Q: What is the main requirement for rank promotions?
A: Power

Q: Which one does not belong to solo players?
A: Temple of Kalima

Q: What is the advantage of purple over blue gems?
A: Higher attributes

Q: Which one of these stores sell [Skill Ultimate]?
A: Arena Points Store

Q. Which one of these is a way to obtain skill ultimate?
A: Arena Points

Q: What to do when you don't have the same Artifact Component needed to Improve Quality?
A: Tick to purchase from Trading House

Thanks to Tim Bec for his contribution.

In case you have discovered questions that we haven't listed yet and you are absolutely certain of the right answer, let us know in the comments and we'll add it to this list, giving you credit on this page.

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